Spiral and SplineEQ AUs failing validation on M1 Mac

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I'm in the process of setting up a new Mac Studio and noticed that both Spiral and SplineEQ fail Logic's AU validation. Do you have any plans to give either of these plugins an update?

They both seem to fail in the same manner:

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1 Channel Test:
Render Test at 512 frames
ERROR: -66745 IN CALL AudioUnitRender


On recent systems you have to follow the Xcode signing instructions on the download page.

I currently have no plans to update SplineEQ, as for Spiral I do have plans for a standalone rewrite (already started with the basic visualisation already there) but no macOS native version, only a browser-based version.
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Hmmm... doesn't seem to make a difference. I never got the "cannot be verified" warning. I tried the codesign approach (aleady had Xcode installed). I also tried

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sudo xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components
but that didn't help either.

Forcing Logic to reset and rescan SplineEQ still fails with the same error message.

Any other ideas?


This is definitely more a macOS/Logic problem (Apple exists to torment us) than anything I would know about, so all I can tell you (besides the specifics that these plugins are Intel-only and unsigned) is what I can google. And people talk about using the xattr command on the plugin itself, not the folder, using chmod -R 755.

https://www.reddit.com/r/LogicPro/comme ... alidation/ (btw that subreddit might be a good place to ask)
Developer of Photosounder (a spectral editor/synth), SplineEQ and Spiral


In my experience, you don't need to preface the command with sudo, but that should not make a difference. I couldn't say if a blanket xattr on the entire Components folder would work as you did it, but generally is not advisable. Better to release them from quarantine individually.

I always run xattr on the actual plugin. The reddit link details one way to go about it with drag and drop. The other is to navigate in Finder and right click on the plugin (inside /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components) and in Services at the bottom of the popup menu choose "New Terminal at Folder" ... That opens a Terminal window. You can verify in the Terminal window that you are in the right place by typing "pwd" and the end of the response should be SplineEQ.component. Then try the command

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xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine .
You could then also try to flush the audio unit cache with the command

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killall -9 AudioComponentRegistrar
I don't know if this will work for you, but worth a try. I just tested and did work for me, but I don't use Logic. You might need to exit and restart your DAW as well.

It's rather unfortunate the dev has taken such a hostile unfriendly attitude towards Apple and his Mac users, but that is his prerogative, just as it is our prerogative to not use these tools. If you encounter such an issue immediately after purchase, I would request a refund.


kidslow wrote: Fri Oct 14, 2022 10:46 am It's rather unfortunate the dev has taken such a hostile unfriendly attitude towards Apple and his Mac users, but that is his prerogative, just as it is our prerogative to not use these tools. If you encounter such an issue immediately after purchase, I would request a refund.
Thanks for the info, hopefully that helps. Yes I'm hostile towards Apple (as for users I feel sorry that they have to put up with all this and don't understand why they persist in refusing to use Windows, a superior OS. They literally chose the wrong OS, that's all there is to it, they as consumers insist on making the objectively wrong choice) and it's very well-warranted. Windows users don't have to deal with any of that bullshit. Literally no Windows user ever told me that they can't run a plugin, everything is smooth sailing for them, because Microsoft doesn't break old programs on purpose nor makes users and developers jump through hoops let alone have the gall to ask developers for $99/year for the privilege of going through the very inconvenient and constant notarisation process.

Even though macOS users are a minority of my users, for years the emails I got were overwhelmingly about macOS-specific problems, problems so specific to macOS and not my programs that most of the time the answers I give come from Google or other people. And sure, it's partly my fault for refusing the jump through all the latest hoops (we didn't have half as many hoops back in 2009), but really, the real problem is that macOS is an absolutely garbage walled-garden platform maintained by greedy control freaks who deserve every cancer known to science. Part of the reason why I'm glad my work isn't more popular is that if it was I'd have to deal with proportionally more such emails, and part of the reason why I haven't done anything plugin-related in 7 years is that I don't want more e-mails asking me why Ableton Live 11.1 doesn't see the plugins on macOS, because the answer is I don't know, but I can Google many discussions of people with the exact same problem with different plugins because the retards at Apple thought it was a good idea to make everything be signed, notarised and pass tests to check for these pointless measures lest it be locked away by the system. Which brings me to the question that I've been asking people for years but that still hasn't received a satisfactory answer: why do you put up with an operating system that infantilises you by preventing you to run whatever you want to run and makes you pull out the Terminal to fight their moronic system a significant fraction of the time, when you have the alternative of using Windows which never makes you have to do that, has pretty much everything you need except Logic and keeps your old programs that you own working for years instead of breaking anything that hasn't been updated since the 2010s?

Look at it from my point of view, I started making macOS versions a long time ago, back when the main annoyances were having to learn Objective-C and fighting to get Xcode to do what you wanted. It was a PITA but still worth it. Then around 2017 everything started getting worse to the point that had things been this bad when I started I wouldn't have bothered making macOS builds in the first place. You couldn't have your program read files in the same directory anymore, code signing became mandatory, worse, I had to spend time writing original scripts just get something basic done, namely changing the paths of .dylib files to point to the correct location on the user's machine, then there was notarisation, Gatekeeper becoming more annoying, OpenGL and OpenCL becoming deprecated and outdated even though Apple invented the latter but now wants to kill it to force everyone to use their own macOS-only alternative, Swift (I'm not going to learn yet another garbage language that no one else uses), Apple Silicon (in theory not a problem but I can't figure out how to make Xcode make universal builds because you're not supposed to make release builds like I always did using the Release target, again, my fault for not jumping through the latest hoop), it just doesn't stop. I don't get paid enough to let Apple torment me like this, it's just not worth it, and I didn't sign up for eternal slavery to whatever Apple dictates, I'm not interested in learning about their latest inventions that I'm supposed to adapt to, so what do I do, do I pull all my macOS builds and tell users they can't have it anymore even though once everything is setup and all the user-side hoops are jumped through it works fine? In a previous thread quite a while ago I concluded with other people that the proper course of action is to put a warning on Buy pages on my website. I'm not sure people are actually paying attention, I noticed that in recent years people have a tendency to buy software without reading much of anything nor even trying the demo/free versions to see if it would work for them, the very concept of try before you buy appears to be dead in the age of Steam. For years I mulled smoothly transitioning from native macOS builds to web stuff, but the web stuff (Emscripten, WebAssembly, WebGPU) I'd rely on just isn't really there yet. I have an existing macOS user base, I can't cut them off, but on the other hand I'm also not going to do everything Apple tries to coerce me into doing to give them a smooth experience, because ultimately if they have a bad experience with what I made it's Apple's fault, if I don't do what the company that holds the user experience hostage wants me to do it's on them, not me, what I made worked fine until 2017, they went out of their way to ruin it.

You can be upset with me for not being a good slave to Apple, but ask yourself why do you support this system? You buy their computers at a premium, you end up using an objectively inferior and limited (and limiting) OS that tries to prevent you from doing simple things like using open source software you downloaded and makes it impossible to use a lot of the software that hasn't been updated recently (and tries to make you buy a new computer by making new software incompatible with perfectly good older machines, I literally cannot make my programs compatible with anything older than macOS 10.9 using the current tools) and tries to make users and developers use their derelict app store so they can get their 30% cut of everything, you support a company that is basically racketeers $99/year out of developers if they don't want to have macOS claim that the programs they got baited-and-switched into developing for macOS is malware, and you think the attitude of the underpaid (you'd make fun of me if you knew how much I make) lone developer who refuses to get stringed along any further by literally the biggest company in the world is the problem? f**k Apple, f**k Tim Crook, I will never make another macOS build of anything except for Photosounder updates, and stop using this dystopian garbage walled garden OS, literally just use Windows, you'll never have to type anything like "xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine ." or "killall -9 AudioComponentRegistrar" in a terminal to just get old software to run normally, it just works, everything on Windows literally just works, it's the most "just works" OS there ever was, it's not perfect but at least it doesn't actively try to stop you from controlling what you can run on your machine. Look at the Internet, look at this forum, it's filled with macOS users asking why things aren't working and what voodoo incantations they can type into the Terminal to trick macOS into allowing them to run software they bought. Look at this thread, it's not just about my plugins, look at this other thread viewtopic.php?p=8533231 it's others too, and their answer isn't much more helpful than mine. To offer the user experience you reasonably expect one must become an expert in Apple's latest bullshit, I'm not gonna do that so you either get a sometimes rocky setup process and I help you however I can (refunds are an option too) or the alternative is nothing at all for macOS users, at least until making everything run in a web browser becomes viable enough.
Developer of Photosounder (a spectral editor/synth), SplineEQ and Spiral


I understand where you are coming from, but you really do come across as hostile. I'm not upset with you. Just won't buy any more of your products.

Apple advanced their OS security into the 21st century and that is what brought about code signing and notarization. I don't like that it causes developers angst, but I do understand why Apple did it. It's not clear you understand the benefits those changes bring to the end user. It's about protecting from malware and all the maladies of modern day computing. Many many other devs seem to have been able to get with the program. If you updated your software to be compliant, users would not have to type in xattr or codesign commands from the Terminal. The killall command just moves things along faster. I know there are equivalent hoops to jump through on Windows at times (registry editor anyone). There always are on every OS, so that's a bit of a red herring.

Having used Windows since version 3.1 and OS X since version 10.0, there is no question in my mind which is a more elegant and aesthetic operating system, and it ain't Windows. I prefer OS X to Linux too, and I was an early Linux adopter and it still has a special place in my heart, although not on my desktop. I do agree that Apple does suck at times for backwards compatibility and I have no doubt that sometimes they deprecate or add features simply to sell more hardware. Such is the computing life. Pick your poison.

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