Possible bug in Da Hornet bis.

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Hi there.

Thank you a great synth! Da Hornet brings me back to my early days discovering synthesizers, there seems to be a bug where on song reload\recall the number of voices seems to be stuck on 16 instead any other value that i have set, my DAW is Synapse Audio Orion running in Windows 10 , can you please help sir ?
Strictly drum and bass


Hi, yes I confirm the issue in daHornet bis VST2 64-bit for Windows. This can do mono or poly,but poly is always 16 voices regardless of the Voices knob value. Though when it shows 1 (set by the Glide knob), it's indeed in monophonic legato mode.
Since I'm working on an update to make a brand new daHornet with also VST3 and AU/M1 compatibility, I will not fix the current version.
You will have the new one as soon as it's ready.



Many thanks Liqih.

I look forward to the new version of Da Hornet bis :) plus i want to complement you on your great talent of coding a very good Wasp emulation with an ultra low cpu footprint for such a cheap price sir !
Strictly drum and bass


I found I had to jBridge the 32 bit version to 64, and not use the supplied 64 bit version, which wouldn't receive MIDI from DAW. Orion DAW. I am loving this synth. Thank you.

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