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AcustiX Soundtrack Strings

Orchestral Strings by AcustiX
AcustiX Soundtrack Strings
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Kontakt 5
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Instant (Serial Number)
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Important Note
You can download a trial version of the AcustiX Soundtrack Strings.
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AcustiX Soundtrack Strings

Most string libraries require endless tuning and tweaking of sections and divisi, losing focus on playability. AcustiX Sountrack Strings takes a different approach. All sections and divisi are carefully layed out and blended over the full range of the keyboard. This makes the string section playable as one instrument from the basses and cellos to the violas and violins.

Most libraries have different patches for legato, staccato and marcato strings and these patches can't be easily stacked to create one playable instrument. They use either the key-velocity or the cc-controller to modulate the volume dynamics of the strings, making it impossible to play both legato and staccato at the same time. With AcustiX Soundtrack Strings you can combine/stack the legato/sordino and staccato/marcato strings patches without keyswitching, allowing a different and unique approach in playability. The key-velocity is used to modulate the attack dynamics (staccato/marcato), while the mod wheel (cc-controller) is used to modulate the volume dynamics (piano sordino/forte). This allows for any combination of legato/sordino/staccato/marcato at the same time: piano/forte sordino/legato and piano/forte staccato/marcato. Although it is still possible to use the legato/sordino or staccato/marcato patches separately when needed. This allows both a lush and lyrical warm sordino sound in the piano parts and a heroic and dramatic sound in the fortes without the cutting soaring sound of regular non-sordino strings. This character makes the AcustiX Soundtrack Strings perfectly suited for classical and soundtrack music.

The AcustiX Soundtrack Strings is currently available in Kontakt format. To be able to use the strings, you need Kontakt 5 from Native Instruments.

You can download a trial version (6MB) of the AcustiX Soundtrack Strings.
This trial version is based on the same samples as the full version but has the following specs/limitations:

  • Only Legato patch, no Staccato/Marcato, no Pizzicato patches.
  • Only one velocity layer was used.
  • All samples are limited to 2 seconds.
  • Mod Wheel (CC controller) controls legato volume dynamics.
  • Total size less than 7MB.
  • Kontakt sample format.
  • Windows/Mac compatible.

Despite these limitations, you will appreciate the quality of this trial version. It will give you an impression of what the full product has to offer.

Important: This product is a non-player library and requires Kontakt Full Version 5 or later (it may also work with earlier Kontakt versions, so please test the trial version before buying). For Kontakt version 5.6.8 or higher, non-player libraries (i.e. libraries without a serial/activation protection), which cannot be used in Kontakt Player version) need to be loaded via the Kontakt files tab. Please see the video on our site for instructions. Please load the trial version via the files tab in your full version of Kontakt and check that you are not getting the "activation notice".

User Reviews Average user rating of 3.00 from 2 reviews Add A Review

The Legato Strings sounds nice and in tune but none of these in this collection have ADSR etc. or any controls? The Staccato set plays late. The only usable set in here for me is the Legato set.

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AcustiX Soundtrack Strings
Reviewed By qsource
January 9th, 2021

The demos of this sound set are better than what they actually deliver. While the basic samples are okay, there is barely any way to manipulate (keyswitches, modulation, etc.) the sound to be more realistic. Oh well, it was a good price on sale and I may use it to double some other sound.

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