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ARC 4 (software only, no microphone)

ARC 4 (software only, no microphone)
ARC 4 (software only, no microphone) ARC 4 (software only, no microphone) ARC 4 (software only, no microphone) ARC 4 (software only, no microphone) ARC 4 (software only, no microphone)
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ARC 4 (software only, no microphone)

Mix faster and more confidently than ever

ARC 4 combines an ultra-accurate measurement microphone, analysis software and correction plug-in to improve the accuracy of your monitoring in any room. Work faster and more freely, confident you're hearing your music itself and that your music will sound great everywhere.

With a faster, easier calibration process, breathtaking new more natural algorithm, and the ability to manage profiles on ARC Studio hardware, everything about ARC 4 is designed to let you focus on your music and create audio that translates to any system effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Measurement mic, room analysis software and correction plug-in.
  • Improves frequency balance and stereo imaging in any room.
  • Work faster and create better mixes without expensive room treatment.
  • Virtual monitoring emulates the sound of common listening devices.

What's new:

  • All-new more natural correction algorithm for incredible results.
  • Expanded virtual monitoring adds 20+ iconic studio monitors profiles.
  • "Quick Mode" for room processing with just 7 measurement points.
  • Updated graphics and user interface with dark and light mode options.
  • Ability to manage and switch profiles on ARC Studio hardware.

Trust what you hear

A room can have a big impact on how you hear your music. Walls, furniture, and other objects reflect and absorb sound, creating complex artifacts that change the frequency balance and stereo imaging, and can cause your carefully balanced mix to fall apart in other spaces.

With ARC, you can detect and account for these issues without expensive room treatment. ARC precisely measures the sound of your room in moments, then generates a correction profile you can load into the ARC plug-in for your DAW or the new ARC Studio hardware, which operates independently from your computer, to ensure what you're hearing is how your music really sounds.

You'll mix faster and with less effort, and your work will translate better than ever.

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