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Blue Grand

Blue Grand is a dynamic combination of four distinguished Steinway Grand Pianos combined into one amazing and affordable price. This gives musicians of all skill levels more freedom to create beautiful music and unmatched artistry all their own.

These pianos include:

Vintage 1927 (Steinway D)

Offering a rich, luxurious sound, this Steinway piano produces a dynamic range that can accompany all types of different music, such as pop, jazz, classical, and more.

Grandma Dream (Steinway D)

A mellow bass with expansive resonance, the expressive piano sounds embrace their Germanic heritage while fitting seamlessly with a variety of musical genres that stand out flawlessly.

Living Stereo (Steinway D)

The perfect blend of crisp, rich tones and stunning resonance, this piano provides your audience with a live, vibrant feeling that's perfect for real-time performances.

Legacy Blue (Steinway B)

A balanced frequency and singing tone, this piano boasts the elegant sound people expect in a Steinway with the versatility to fit perfectly into a wide range of today's most popular music genres.

Expressive State-of-the-Art Sound and Dynamic Performance

Each Blue Grand is powered by Hybrid Modeling technology and an HD Velocity Layer technology providing a natural boost to expressive power that can be felt with every strike of the keys. Along with the new Neo Piano engine, which achieves 400 times more variations than a traditional sample engine, every note played is unique, creates vivid sound representation, and strikes a rich, accurate tone even with small movement. In essence, it's an instrument with a musical soul instead of a machine feel.

Expanded Sound and Adjustable Playability

Gain unmitigated control over 40 customizable piano aspects, including the ability to lift the lid, tweak tone and harmonics, alter dampers, change dynamic range, and adjust velocity response. You can even apply a 'style' or resonance to your sound or adjust up mix by changing different microphone perspectives.

Product Features:

  • Offering authentic sample sounds with the playability of a modeled piano, hybrid modeling technology embodies over 3,100 GB samples.
  • Style Designer helps set the piano's musical style with a simple knob, be it pop, jazz, rock, classical or soft, and change internal parametric.
  • Provides up to 12 microphone perspectives.
  • HD Velocity Layers can express up to 65,536 velocity layers and with 1000 layers providing an audible difference.
  • DFD/RAM system enables users to relocate resources and ensure the best performance under every individual project.
  • Scala Tuning System allows users to experiment with different tunings and choose from more than 10,000 tunings.
  • The Multi-Dimensional Resonance engine perfect represent different resonance inside a piano.
  • Adjustable sympathetic resonances.
  • Artificial Intelligence Tools will check the response of your keyboard and pedals automatically to find your ideal velocity response curve in seconds.
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Blue Grand
Reviewed By Anahat
November 29, 2010


Cons: It’s brown(-ish). Probably the most boring color for a GUI. Black, white, grey – boring too, but they are at least stylish. Brown is just boring. They used the same user interface that they used on their other pianos. It’s the Blue Grand. Make it blue. Make the Ruby grand ruby.
The styling of the GUI doesn’t look professional. There is a strong psychological connection between the way a VSTi looks and the way its sound is perceived. This is one of the best sounding piano VSTs on the market today. If it was the best looking too, it would probably be the best selling. The sound of the Blue Grand deserves…, no, requires a better look.

Pros: On the other hand, the GUI is designed to be very practical and easy-to-use. There is pop-up help about every single element of the GUI. Tweaking is a breeze.

Rating: 7/10.


Cons: None.

Pros: It sounds awesome. It has a great dynamic range and very rich sound. Very responsive. The first time I played it I just couldn’t stand up from my controller keyboard. Very good synth presets usually have this effect on me. I just can’t stop playing. But a piano? Never before. Not ever.

Rating: 10/10


Cons: I want more!

Pros: Where do I start? I am a tweaker and this guy has a lot to offer in terms of tweakability. There are mike positions, harmonics, hammer hardness. I didn’t like the presets. But with a little slider sliding and button clicking this thing got me exactly to sound I needed. There are just so many possibilities here. It’s like having many different pianos that you can combine, merge and tweak.

Rating: 10/10


Cons: No manual. When I asked the developers about one, they said that since the pop-up help was implemented one was no longer needed. The Imperial Grand has a manual though, so I downloaded it just to check it out (since it uses an almost identical GUI). It has basically exactly the same content as the pop-up help. I’d really like to see a real manual though. There are some pretty cryptic places in the Imperial Grand manual (pop-up help) like: “Spatial Type: Different type of spatial.” The options for Spatial Type are A and B. You are not helping me much by telling me they are different from each other. If they were the same they would probably be A and A, right? Tell me what they are.
So I’d really like to see a manual that goes into depth explaining exactly this thing works.

Pros: It has pop-up help for every part of the GUI. Plus you can always hear the result.

Rating: 7/10


Cons: I didn’t like them. I don’t think they do this beast justice.

Pros: Still they are good staring points for making the Blue Grand sound the way you like and I do believe that’s what they were intended for.

Rating: 5/10


Cons: I did have to contact support. With better documentation, this would probably not be the case.

Pros: Reply was quick, to the point and helpful.

Rating: 10/10


Cons: Not a no brainer. Probably overpriced for a synthedit creation and the unprofessional looks it has.

Pros: Quite reasonably priced, considering the pricing of the competition and the effort that was put into designing the technology. At 50% it would be a no-brainer.

Rating: 7/10


Cons: Made with synthedit.

Pros: Quite CPU friendly. Hasn’t crashed on me yet.

Rating: 9/10Read Review

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