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Neo Reverb
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Neo Reverb Standard Version

Neo Reverb is a revolutionary Hybrid Convolution and Algorithm Reverb which combines both advantages of Convolution Reverb and Algorithm Reverb. It is commonly considered that convolution reverb sounds best and realistic, but has a static sound. While Algorithm Reverb sounds live and dynamic, but lacks the realistic of the convolution reverb. Combining the advantages of both has remained a dream until Sound Magic presents Neo Reverb. By converting the True Stereo IRs of specific spaces to Algorithms, Sound Magic is able to open a whole new door for digital reverb with the birth of Neo Reverb.

Sound Magic has spent years in finding what a good Reverb is. After analyzing several famous reverb units, including lexicon 480L and 960L, Bricasti M7 and TC system 6000. we concluded a good Reverb should have 3 critical characteristics, Clean, Clear and Open sound. Clean means the reverb should color the original sound in a minimum amount. Clear means the reverb could generate a rich and realistic reverb/space feeling. While open sound means the sound should not sound like in a box or a tiny space, should has a big, open sound field. Neo Reverb features a open. big, dense, clean and clear sound and provides highest sound quality to musicians. And it is the first software reverb which dares to directly compare with famous expensive hardware reverbs (Lexicon 480L and TC System 6000).


  • Internal 64-bit floating point precision.
  • All-Purposed Reverb contains 8 Algorithms for different spaces, including, Hall, Concert Hall, Room, Plate, Chamber, Ambience, Space and etc.
  • Innovative Hybrid Convolution and Algorithm Reverb Engine.
  • Innovative Cascade True Stereo technology.
  • Powerful modulation system helps to achieve a dynamic sound.
  • Over 40 in depth controls on the Reverb.
  • Over 130 algorithm IRs in 6 different categories for your uses.
  • Innovative Dual Cores Controls let users compare different settings quicker.
  • Support up to 32-bit/384kHz resolution.
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