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China Impression Lite

Ethnic Instruments by Sound Magic
China Impression Lite
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China Impression Lite

China Impression Lite Version is a bundle of Ethnic Chinese traditional instruments. It includes Erhu, Zhong Hu, Jin Hu, Pipa, Long Dizi,Short Dizi, Gongs and a Chinese percussion set. We have carefully picked these instruments based on popularity that can help musician to bring Classical Asian/Chinese flavor into their music. It also saves a lot of money by being a bundle of different instruments.

China Impression Lite Version features instruments as below.

Neo Erhu features Erhu, aka. Chinese Violin. Zhong Hu and Jin Hu. These instruments are the main string instrument used in traditional Chinese music and you can hear it nearly in every Hollywood movie which has Chinese elements. And sometimes known in the Western world as the "Chinese violin" or a "Chinese two-stringed fiddle".

Pipa, also known as the Chinese lute, is one of the most popular Chinese instruments and has been played for almost two thousand years. In comparison to western instruments such as violins or guitars, the Pipa has traditionally been dependent on many performance skills to produce it's wide variations in sound.

Long Dizi is a Chinese transverse flute, or Chinese Bamboo Flute. dizi is a major Chinese musical instrument, and is widely used in many genres of Chinese folk music, as well as Chinese opera, and the modern Chinese orchestra. Traditionally, the dizi has also been popular among the Chinese common people, and it is simple to make and easy to carry.

Short Dizi, also known as koudi, is a smaller version of Chinese Bamboo flute. It has higher pitch, has a range about 2 octaves.

It's this sound that leads Sound Magic to expand its Modeling Legato technology to bring musicians even more creative musical freedom. It is capable of supporting any technique, patches, or articulations with more control over the parametric. This allows musicians to manipulate shapes and sound variety in real time with smoother transitions between notes than a sampled legato.

Hybrid Vibrato and Tremolo achieves more authentic sounds from sampling without sacrificing creative control. For perspective, this means starting with non-vibrato and then fading in vibrato sustain while changing depth and speed. Or, users can also change Tremolo speed in real time while optimize control or to leverage human behaviors in the vibrato for enhanced realism in the final version.

Sound Magic have also made it possible to finish all techniques on a single track with Performance Keyswitch System that allows China Impression Lite Version to be used in live performances without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

China Impression Lite Version offers far more sound-shaping options than a sampling instrument with five bands parametric EQ and more control over the harmonic partial sounds. This means you can quickly change timbre with a simple turn of a knob or tune every single note with the Scala tuning system.

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