Contemporary Vintage Drums (BFD & Kontakt)

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Contemporary Vintage Drums (BFD & Kontakt) Contemporary Vintage Drums (BFD & Kontakt) Contemporary Vintage Drums (BFD & Kontakt) Contemporary Vintage Drums (BFD & Kontakt) Contemporary Vintage Drums (BFD & Kontakt)
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 1.1  -
System Requirements
4 GB RAM - 30 GB Disk space - Core2Duo
 1.1  -
System Requirements
4 GB RAM - 30 GB Disk space - Core2Duo
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Contemporary Vintage Drums (BFD & Kontakt)

Two classic drum kits with a modern twist

Contemporary Vintage Drums features 3 full drum kits sampled from:

a Ludwig "Beatles" tribute kit (stick).

a Ludwig "Beatles" tribute kit (brush).

a 1977 Gretsch Concert Rock kit (stick).

The kits come with 3 sets of cymbals sampled from a Zildjian A series set (stick and brush) and and UFIP set (stick) and 2additional Ride Cymbals (Turkish and UFIP) and 7 snares overall (Ludwig, Gretsch, Pearl and Tama).

These kits have set the bar for classic drum sounds due to the large number of classic hits from the mid sixties and until the beginning of the eighties that were recorded using them.

Our production concept was to give users access to these classic kits, but with a more modern approach to sound production and mic choice. This approach guarantees fresh new sounds out of these drums.


  • BFD Expander and Kontaktversions - all in one pack.
  • 27 GB BFD Expander version (9 GB on BFD 3 if installed compressed).
  • 12 GB Kontakt version.
  • between 21 and 39 GB both versions (based on install options).
  • 52600 samples.
  • 3 full drum kits (2 stick + 1 brush).
  • 60 drum pieces.
  • sampled in full detail: up to 245 samples per articulation and up to 11 round robin (Kontakt).
  • the best of both worlds: the power of BFD for drums, the ease of use and integration of Kontakt.
  • recorded in a top-notch studio with choice mics.
  • up to 4 close mics.
  • 4 room mics: Overhead stereo, Overhead mono, Room U87 and Room PZM.
  • warm and deep sound, processed through an analog tape machine.
  • advanced mixing and management (Kontakt) thanks to our custom advanced scripting.
  • recorded at 24-bit / 96 kHz, released at 24-bit / 44.1 kHz.

BFD Expander Features:

  • on BFD 2 and BFD 3 all mics are avaialble for mixing inside or outside BFD.
  • 28 Kits and 33 BFD Presets for BFD 2 and BFD 3.
  • 20 Kits and 20 Presest for BFD Eco.

Kontakt Features:

  • custom 3D graphics with animation on kit and snare drum changes.
  • build your own kit.
  • very quick startup times.
  • advanced RAM managementthanks to purge.
  • up to 4 Close and 4 Room mics.
  • tuning, velocity curve and AHD envelope controls on each drum.
  • advanced engine, shared with all future drum libraries.
  • 20 global factory presets.
  • up to 11 round robins.
  • large number of velocity splits (always > 16).
  • 36 custom IR reverbs.

REQUIRES the full version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or better and/or Fxpansion BFD 2, BFD 3 or BFD Eco

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