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Tape: The First Effect

While modern recording engineers and producers are used to the huge variety of effects options available these days, tape machines were the first devices used in the recording studio as effect processors.

From echo and flanging to the warmth and saturation of the actual tape itself, the entire early history of music would sound completely different if these recording decks weren't employed in this way.

Vintage Soul

The new Deco plugin doesn't just give you the hyper-real sonic signature of these classic tape machines, it's also unique in that it revives the forgotten art on how these decks were manipulated as a workflow in the studio.

Even though there are currently a number of plugins that emulate entire tape machines down to the smallest degree, the Deco plugin stands alone as the only piece of software that accurately recreates the studio workflow of two tape decks working in tandem. It is the timed/speed relationship between these two decks that creates the phasing, true tape flanging, chorus, echo and double tracking effects that the Sun Studios and Abbey Roads of the world relied on for all of those famous early tracks, and it's now available in an easy-to-use and utterly convincing plugin.

Two-In-One Wonder

Deco is not just one effect, but two distinct sides combined to create a studio workflow.


The Doubletracker side controls the two interactive tape decks and has the power to shift your sound in many different ways, easily achieving psychedelic tape flanging, gorgeous tape chorusing, syrupy slapback tape echoes and anything in between, all by varying the timing relationship between the Reference and Lag decks. If that's not "old school" we're not sure what is.

Tape Saturation

The Tape Saturation side smooths out the response of your tracks with familiar tape compression and saturation, while fattening things up with subtle (or NOT subtle.) tapedriven transparent overdrive.


  • Sound Design.
  • Tape Saturation.
  • Tape Saturation Controls.
  • Doubletracker.
  • Doubletracker Controls.
  • Blend Type.
  • Lag Time.
  • Wide Stereo.
  • Auto-Flange.
  • Studio Mode.
  • Analog Richness.

Give your tracks the smooth and warm qualities of analog tape, along with the dynamics that are intrinsic to the response and behavior of tape machines. The Deco plugin can achieve incredible transparency at low levels, with reduced high frequency spikes and a harmonically rich low end.

Engineers used to say that "everything sounds better on tape." Want to push the limits of tape beyond what was originally possible? Use the Deco plugin as a tape-style transparent overdrive—crank the Saturation all the way up to "peg the meters" and overload the machine's input.


  • Unlimited Possibilities.
  • Simple Interface.
  • Unique Features.

Unlike the hardware of years gone by, the Deco Plugin lets you unleash your creativity without any physical limitations. Use it with any instrument you can think of, insert it anywhere in your signal chain, automate all the controls to your heart's content — the possibilities are endless.

{See video at top of page}

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