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DEMON 80 is a new realistic multiband compressor with preamplifier and limiter integrated and designed to get the best compromise between the maximum volume of listening and the quality of the outgoing sound.

Demon 80 is not just a multiband compressor, it's a true audio processor. Sends the incoming signal through a noise reduction feature and an automatic dynamic control that improves peaks and transients, then split it into three frequency-bands using a 6dB per octave crossover, each band is passed through a compressor and a gain control; the outputs of the compressors and processors are then re-combined and fed to the stereo image processor.

Just disabling a function called "digital", Demon 80 also can emulate hardware devices with the ability to saturate and distort the sound both incoming and outgoing, signalling it through 2 different LEDs; with a simple click the limiter is disabled and the saturators come into operation. A visual numeric control of the dB RMS is always active below the Vu Meter.

Designed and programmed for high volume listening, it also works fine at normal volume and is a great tool for listening or mastering and remastering of any sound materials.

Demon 80 multiband compressor specifications:

* Resolution 1400x512
* Xover compatibility from 44100 Hz to 192kHz
* Bandwidth 30Hz -> 20.000Hz
* Low Split Frequency: 20Hz - 1.4k.
* High Split Frequency: 1.4kHz - 20kHz.
* Tree frequency-band gain from -12 to +24dB.
* Pre-Amp gain -/+ 24dB.
* Output gain pre-limiter -/+ 12dB
* Sidechain with Internal or external features and 2 input.
* Threshold from infinity to -32dB
* Attack time from 0 to 400mS.
* Release time from 7,2mS to 2 sec
* Ratio max 6:1 with fine control knob
* Three stereo compressors inside.
* Noise Reduction features.
* Auto dynamics features.
* Independent bypass and mute switch for each channel.
* Three Vu-Meter LEDs, to measure Gain reduction.
* Two virtual moving coil Vu-Meters, analog style for outcoming signal.
* Limiter feature to 0dB with peack Led indicator.
* Analog emulator features (saturators for preamp and amp) with peak led indicators.
* Balance control.
* Auto Bias.
* Max output dBfs -0.01 dB
* RMS level numerical indicator.

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