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Deplike Guitar FX

Guitar Amp and FX Modeling by Deplike
Deplike Guitar FX - Guitar Amps, Guitar FX for Windows
Deplike Guitar FX - Guitar Amps, Guitar FX for Windows Deplike Guitar FX - Guitar Amps, Guitar FX for Windows Deplike Guitar FX - Guitar Amps, Guitar FX for Windows Deplike Guitar FX - Guitar Amps, Guitar FX for Windows
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Windows 10 
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Instant (Serial Number)
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Important Note
Single payment via https://account.deplike.com/ unlocks the access to the software on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices all at once.
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Deplike Guitar FX

Deplike Guitar FX lets you enjoy a full studio guitar setup from your Mac/PC. It is a guitar and bass tone studio for Mac/PC that works as a standalone application and as a VST plug-in for your favorite DAW. Also, purchases made on Windows and Mac provides all-access to Deplike including Android and iOS versions.


  • Original tube amp sound.
  • Realistic guitar effects.
  • Precision-modeled cabinet response.
  • Works as an effects plugin with DAWs.
  • Trusted by millions of musicians.
  • Available on all platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac.
  • Allows access on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac with a single user account.
  • The only amp sim product that allows full multi-platform access.
  • Backing track, metronome global preset sharing feature on mobile devices.
  • Deplike is the faithful recreation of a guitar studio on your desktop and mobile devices, providing the guitar sound that you want, so no amp or pedal is needed on the recording chain for good results.
  • Standalone, VST & AU Plugin.

All Deplike gear is precision-modeled based on actual circuits of popular guitar amps, cabinets and fx pedals.

Fully equipped workspace for guitar recording and practice. Just fire up your favorite DAW that hosts VST or AU plugins. You can record guitar using effects and amps on your computer using DAWs such as GarageBand, Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton Live, FL Studio and many more.

Dial in a wide range of guitar tones, faster, in a more efficient and powerful way. Use Deplike's studio quality effects to create your signature guitar tone:

  • Pedals, Amps and Cabinets.
  • 15 Amp Models and Cabinets.
    • Tangerine Rocker 100.
    • SLO 100.
    • Dual Recto.
    • JCM800.
    • P-5550.
    • JTM45.
    • SVT Bass.
    • Wapi.
    • BassBoy.
    • Fox AC30.
    • Acoustic Amp.
    • Deluxe.
    • ANRG.
    • Crafter.
    • DST.
  • 21 Guitar Effects Pedals.
    • Classic Overdrive.
    • OD 808.
    • MetalHead Distortion.
    • Dr.Muff Fuzz.
    • 1176 Compressor.
    • Noise Gate.
    • Sustainer.
    • Tremolo.
    • Chorus.
    • AutoWah.
    • Flanger.
    • Phaser.
    • Pitch Shifter.
    • Octaver.
    • Sustainer.
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Deplike Guitar FX

Reviewed By Mark Wilkins [all]
August 18th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Not at all impressed here. You go to the website and they oversell it and you know damned well there's a catch but you can't find a price for anything on the site just lots of notices for a free download. The downloader is simple enough but the installer does not give you an option to not install the stand alone player on your desktop.

But here is where it gets interesting. The program opens up and you have to sign up and sign in. Most of the great features they offered you are locked and waiting for you to buy. Sure there are three or four amps (was looking forward to the Acoustic Bass amp). The bulk of the cabinets are free but not the stomps. There's a delay and a looper but not even one generic Fuzz box. You get a better pedal board with the free Lost in 70s amps. The lay out of the interface is confusing as far as routing goes but the thing that got me is that when using it as a VST in Cakewalk you have to leave your DAW to make any adjustments the knobs are too sensitive which is good because you can't hear any of the changes you are making anyway. And then it started screwing with my audio engine, latency for days and harsh but that could be because of the odd routing options.

Could not uninstall this fast enough. They need to be a lot more upfront with the pricing and I just can't recommend this at all given the quality of free and paid plug ins out there. Maybe the stand alone phone apps are better but as a VST I was not impressed.

Response from erin_hammett from Deplike on November 22nd, 2021

Hello Mark, .

We have fixed all the bugs reported by users of open Beta.

Please update the app to its latest version from the website. Feel free to get support from hello@deplike.com.

We are also promoting the free download feature for our users so that they can check compatibility of their devices before proceeding to pay for the app. Thank you for your feedback about the pricing info.

Best regards, .

Julia - Product Manager.

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