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Drumazon 2
Drumazon 2 Drumazon 2 Drumazon 2
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Drumazon 2

Drumazon 2 - Drum Machine emulating classic 909 rhythm computer, which features faithful emulation of the original 909's synth engine and an advanced on-board effect section that enhances the sound. On the top of that there's very convenient, piano-roll based pattern editor, which provides rich tool set to increase ease of use and expressiveness of the generated drum patterns.


Drumazon's synthesizer emulates all 11 the sounds of the original hardware 909. All the modules are implemented to match their analog counterparts, down to each nuanced detail. With addition of Filter (comprising of 2 band parametric EQ + low-pass and hi-pass filters) and Compression effects per each drum instrument you can further sculpt the sound.

FX Buses

The plugin also includes two common FX Buses (5-slots each) where output from every drum instrument can be routed / send to. There you have 8 algorithms to your disposal:

  • Bitcrusher.
  • Dynamics (with Compressor or VCA mode).
  • Filter (LFO or Envelope controlled).
  • Chorus (optional second delay line and feedback).
  • Delay (optional Tempo sync and in-loop filter options).
  • Distortion (with preliminary compression and crossover).
  • Algorithmic Reverb.
  • EQ (2 band parametric + low cut / low shelf + high cut / high shelf).

Master FX section

The signal from all instruments and FX Buses meets in the Master section to where sound gets its final touch. The section comprises of 3-band Multi-band compressor and Limiter with soft-clip option.

Tigger Outputs

Original x0x machines featured analog trigger outputs to control external gear using internal sequencer. Producers often used this output musically; the specific short pulse sound that influenced electro music, Drumazon allows to include these in the signal flow.

Pattern editing

Drumazon provides very easy-to-use and inspiring sequencer to work with, where apart from typical parameters as rate or pattern length you can also set (per-pattern) custom velocity levels for accented and non-accented steps with optional global accent boost value. Additionally there are several per-step articulation types to select from.

Drumazon allows live pattern recording using Tap function and generating patterns using elaborate Randomizer.

Finally drag'n'drop MIDI export function allows to quickly move work from internal sequencer into a DAW of user's choice.

Drumazon 2 Features

  • Sound generation engine
    • Faithful 909 emulation with exact set of basic parameters the original drum machine and access to extra ones that weren't present there.
    • Mutes / Solos for each instrument (affect triggering not just the signal).
    • Trigger Outs - Up to 3 instruments can be used to generate audible trigger pulses.
  • FX Chain
    • Per Instrument
      • Filter with 2-band parametric EQ and low-pass and high-pass filter.
      • Compressor with look-ahead option.
      • Panning and Stereo Spread.
    • Common 2 Buses (5-slots each) with 8 algorithms to select from
      • Bitcrusher.
      • Dynamics - with Compressor or VCA mode).
      • Filter - LFO or Envelope controlled.
      • Chorus - with optional second delay line and feedback.
      • Delay - with optional Tempo sync and in-loop filter options.
      • Distortion - with preliminary compression and crossover.
      • Algorithmic Reverb.
      • EQ (2 band parametric + low cut / low shelf + high cut / high shelf).
  • Play Modes
    • EXT (External)
      • Editable Drum Map.
      • Continuous MIDI Velocity response (for all 128 values).
    • INT (Sequencer)
      • Tight host synchronization (DAW's cursor position alignment).
      • Pattern Storage: 48 pattern slots available.
      • Patterns:
        • 11 tracks (one per every drum sound) + Global Accent boost track.
        • Pattern length up to 64 steps.
        • Shuffle effect.
        • Adjustable Rate scale.
        • 4 optional per-step articulations with parameters to control them
          • Flam.
          • 2, 3 and 4 subdivisions.
      • Editor
        • Copy / Paste / Clear options for entire pattern and individual tracks.
        • Left / Right Shift options for entire pattern and individual tracks.
        • Tap - for live pattern recording.
        • Randomizer.
        • MIDI Export option.
  • Tag-based preset browser.
  • Screen fit features
    • Several GUI sizes.
    • HiDPI / Retina screens scaling support.
  • MIDI-learn functionality.
  • Over 1000 presets and patterns, out-of-the-box.
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Drumazon 2

Reviewed By MilksterX [all]
September 9th, 2023
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Mac

This is a worthwhile upgrade for anyone with the original. The new FX buses and filters are phenomenal as is the new sequencer which is so much easier to navigate than before. You can get some crazy LFO / Env sounds from the filters too so the level of creativity runs deep. Well done to everyone at d16 you've done it once again.


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