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DUY31|graphic is a high-quality 31-band EQ. These 31 bands are spaced in 1/3rd octaves, starting at 20 Hz and ending at 20.5 KHz. This represents the historical 31-band graphic EQ.

A series of advanced controls allow you to use its features easily. Some of them are:

  • Feedback scan: This option includes a series of very frequency-precise notch filters that will avoid feedback in your system. This is especially useful for live applications, but may also come in handy if you want to reject a certain frequency within the EQ system.
  • "Pinker mode": This mode will allow you to compensate the frequency character of the audio system used in the sonic room (or controlled open space) environment where your audio is being performed.
  • Meters: You can choose to visualize the frequency contents of your signal on this user interface. This allows you to interact totally with your signal. For further precision, simply open DUY31|analyzer, the spectrum analyzer contained in the DUY31 suite of plug-ins.
  • Dynamic control: The central value for each band, 0dB, represents no gain for that particular band. By selecting the +/- 6, 12, 18 or 24 dB above or below this 0dB value, you can be using an EQ capable of controlling a dynamic range up to 48 dB. Not only this, but you can also mute an entire band. This is actually a multi-notch filter.

DUY31|analyzer is a high-quality 31-band spectrum analyzer. With 31 bands spaced in 1/3rd octaves (20 Hz- 20.5 KHz), this follows the historical 31-band graphic EQ & analyzer.

A series of advanced controls allow you to use this spectrum analyzer:

  • Measure mode: Select if you want to measure in Normal, Average or Peak modes.
  • Measure scale: Lets you choose a linear, dB or dBq scale.
  • Gain: You can visually increase the gain to have better control of low-level passages.
  • Spectrum Analyzer Type: You have the option of using a Heterodyne (focusing measurement on the central frequency of the band) or Wide (entire band evaluation) spectrum analyzer.
  • Ten types of visualization: Standard spectrum analysis, as well as special 3D representation of the signal, showing level, frequency and time evolution. A special "levellogram" mode also displays the level of the signal for each band based on colours.
  • Colour-configurable: Is a low frequency 'blue'? Is 'blue' more suitable for a high frequency? With DUY31|analyzer you can configure the colours of your spectrum visualization in most of the display modes.

DUY31|noiser is a high-quality white & pink noise generator. This signal generator utility is extremely useful for calibration purposes, and very easy to use.

  • Noise type: you can choose between pink or white noise.
  • Waveform display mode: realtime display shows the noise signal in realtime.
  • Output gain control.
  • Memory setups: Temporary memories to store your configurations.

The main intention of this plug-in is to assist DUY31|graphic in order to achieve a correct room calibration, but DUY preferred to include it as a separate plug-in so that this noise generator is not limited only to that use. You can use it for sound synthesis, for example, by feeding into another plug-in or utility in your host or sequencer.

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