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EMM Knagalis My KVR

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EMM Knagalis
What is it?
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64-bit or 32-bit
VST DAW host,
From XP to Windows 10
System Requirements
64-bit or 32-bit
AU or VST DAW host,
10.6 to macOS Sierra
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No License Required
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EMM Knagalis

EMM Knagalis is a specialized and multi-featured sample player modeled around the structural elements of Sitar, the famous Indian lute. But its sound-set also includes many other ethnic stringed instruments, as well as percussive and melodic instruments from the world stage. Instruments like Turkish Lute, MBira (thumb piano), Santur, Shamishen and bagpipe.


  • Changeable sound set for Melodic Lead, Sympathetic Resonance, Drone sound, with custom Dash sample bank.
  • Three types of Mono performance with pitch envelope and portamento.
  • Stereo Flanger and Stereo Reverb effects.
  • Micro Tuning by easy "one click" menu to get all original ethnic tunings you wish.

Melodic Lead:

  • One Voice Multisample player.
  • Mono Mode: Legato, Retrigger, Alternate, 3 ways to match the playing style of many different instruments.
  • Pitch Envelope: Offset, Time, Velocity Sensitivity.
  • Pitch Controls: PitchBend range, Glide Time (Portamento), SemiTone (-+12), FineTune (-+100 Cents), Scale (micro tuning).
  • Release Time.
  • Velocity Sensitivity.
  • Volume.

Sympathetic Resonance (Polyphonic Layer):

  • 12 Voices Multisample player - Pitch Controls: SemiTone (-+12), FineTune (-+100 Cents), Scale (micro tuning).
  • Velocity controlled Release Time.
  • Velocity Sensitivity.
  • Volume.

Drone (Fixed Voice Layer):

  • One Voice Multisample player.
  • Play Mode: Free, Sync to Note, E2 Split.
  • Pitch Controls: SemiTone (-+5), FineTune (-+100 Cents), Scale (micro tuning).


  • Tone (Shaping Subtractive Filter): Frequency, Band Width, Off Switch.
  • Stereo Flanger: Mix, Depth, Off Switch.
  • Stereo Reverb: Mix, Space, Off Switch.
  • Random Pitch Deviation per Note (by Options Menu).
  • Random Tone Frequency Deviation per Note (by Options Menu).


  • MIDI Learn for every knobs.
  • Default output level adjustable.
  • 19 SoundSets in the downloadable version.
  • 111 Presets Bank on board.
  • 99 selected ethnic scale intonations + unlimited user ones.
  • 3D Ethnic "Wood&Brass" Interface.

What's new in EMM Knagalis 2.0:

  • larger GUI.
  • new 3D graphics.
  • improved functional layout.
  • new release curve.
  • better velocity response.
  • new sync mode for Drone layer, now works better for bagpipes.
  • various small bugs fixed, like display and menu updates.
  • three new instruments added to the library.
  • redesigned presets.
  • possibility to choose the path to the samples data, on Windows.
  • higher compatibility with latest OSs, Mac and Windows.
  • fixed bugs with Garageband and Logic.
User Reviews Average user rating of 4.33 from 3 reviewsAdd A Review

Reviewed By frragnarsson
April 23, 2016

Highly original and very authentic "feel" of the sounds. To get the most use of it, get familiar with the controls, they are simple to understand. The sound quality is good and the brings so much spice to my arsenal of synths and samplers. I am no expert in world sounds, but this plugin brings an aura of different cultures, beyond conventional sample libraries.

Keep an eye on the scaling system and the Master controls along with the Drone settings. The behavior is mostly controlled by these settings. You might want to use an external reverb instead of the one provided to get more varied sound out of it.

Read more

Reviewed By Rabid
January 28, 2004

Ok. Let’s get down to the facts. This is not your normal subtractive VA. This is not FM. It is not like 500 other VSTi’s around. But is this a positive or negative? Good products get copied until there are hundreds of copycats. 100’s of different products fail and are quickly forgotten. So do you need something like EMM Knagalis? If you don’t have a subtractive VA, you need that instead. If you don’t have FM, you need that instead. If you don’t have a drum machine or sampler, you need those more. But, if you have the basic covered then go for something different. Does anyone really need 10 different VA’s?

Knagalis brings a bit of variety and flavor to my VSTi lineup. Sometimes this is just what is needed to give a bit of inspiration. It is not something that I would grab for most songs, but it is something that I can play around with and come up with an idea that may not have happened with a standard VA. For this reason it is a nice addition to a mature lineup.

Good sound.
Easy interface.
Great support.

May not be as useful as many other VSTi’s that you probably already own.

RobertRead more

Reviewed By max
September 18, 2003

Let me be clear that although I was a beta tester for this instrument, my opinions are not influenced by that honor.

This little wonder is clearly superb in not only it's preset sounds, but in it's ability to be tweaked almost endlessly. From Sitars to Shenai's to other strings and flutes and will more ethnic scales than anyone could ever use!

As a beta tester, I get to somewhat suffer the birthing pains along with the Dashsignature developers, but anyone can follow along by reading on the kvr forum and see the process for themself. I mention this because in that forum, you will see attention to detail and sound quality addressed again and again. These issues are handled and improved by the Dash team in a very rapid and excellent manner and the results show up for the end user in the fantastically superb quality of the instruments. EMM is no exception. In fact just today there is a minor update to make it work more smoothly in an FX wrapper that was only updated itself a few days ago!

If you care for ethnic sounds, Bagpipes, various odd strings, flutes, etc. this VSTi is a "MUST" have item.

I will suggest a buying tip to users also... check out the package deals for the sets of VSTi's from Dashsignature.... wow, what generous and great offers!!Read more

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