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Hoard Mandolin
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Requires full retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1+ Free Kontakt Player NOT supported
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Hoard Mandolin

Hoard Mandolin is a versatile and dynamic legato mandolin library designed for Kontakt.

Performed by renowned session player and producer Jason Hoard, our goal was to develop a comprehensive mandolin library capable of delivering virtuosic performances as well as heartfelt simplicity.

The Master Legato Main patch is a true workhorse, suitable for a wide range of musical contexts. The Chicken Peck variant offers the same functionality while incorporating repetition sustains optimized for rapid and successive picking without compromising the inherent legato capabilities.

Both patches seamlessly integrate downstroke and upstroke legato picking techniques.

In addition to the performance sustains, we have included playable repetition patches with split-keyboard options, tremolos, sustained chords, carefully-crafted short chords derived from phrases, and even choked chucks; both playable and tempo-synced live grooves recorded at 90, 120, 150 & 180 BPM.

Master Legato Main: This is the main legato patch which contains three different legato types; each individually activated by velocity.

Velocities 41-90 is the primary range which uses the natural plucked legato articulation – your bread and butter.

Velocities 91-127 activates the hammer-on/pull-off articulation (up to a major 2nd).

Velocities 1-40 is your slide into pluck articulation, which is exactly that; a string slide to the target note which is then plucked (from a minor 3rd up to an octave). You can control the speed of the slide with the modwheel. Up to a major 2nd, this legato velocity activates the slide no pluck articulation.

Master Legato Chicken Peck: This patch shares the same legato capabilities as the Main Legato patch, but with repetition sustains specifically tailored for rapid and repeated notes.

Performance Sustains/Playable Reps: While both patches offer four velocities, the key distinction lies in the latter's specialization for quick repeating notes. For both, the softest velocity triggers palm mute performances.

Chuck Live Grooves: This patch features three distinct choked chuck patterns performed and recorded at four different tempos: 90, 120, 150, and 180 BPM. The patterns are conveniently mapped accordingly.

Tight Chords: These major/minor chords are designed for keyboard-split functionality, enabling the right hand to control downstrokes and the left hand to handle upstrokes. To access the inverted chords, simply push up CC1.

Jason Hoard's lifelong journey with music began at the age of seven when his father brought home a mandolin, igniting his passion for the artform. Growing up, he and his family formed a bluegrass band, captivating audiences throughout the southeastern region.

As the years went by, Jason continued to explore different musical avenues, transitioning to electric guitar and embarking on tours with local Georgia band According To John, as well as renowned Christian artists like Third Day and Crowder.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jason holds his family dear and acknowledges their pivotal role in his life. Supported by his remarkable wife, who stands as his rock, and with three beautiful children who share his love for the arts and the great outdoors, he expresses gratitude to God each day for their love, prayers, and unwavering support, recognizing that they are the foundation upon which his success rests.


  • Master Legato Main.
  • Master Legato Chicken Peck.
  • Muted Legato Chicken Peck.
  • Performance Sustains.
  • Playable Reps.
  • Playable Reps – Split Keys.
  • Playable Mute Reps – Split Keys.


  • Tremolos.
  • Chords Long.
  • Chords Tight.
  • Playable Chucks.
  • Chuck Live Grooves.
  • Fret Slides & Noises.


  • Agile and expressive legato mandolin.
  • Three legato articulations activated by velocity.
  • Automatic down/upstroke legato.
  • Natural temperament.
  • Adjustable reverb of custom hall impulse.


  • Requires full retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1+.
  • Free Kontakt Player NOT supported.
  • Recorded in 48kHz / 24-bit.
  • 2.4 GB compressed NCW format.
  • Receive product with Pulse downloader.

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