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Low Tides

Spectral Processor by Davisynth
Low Tides
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Low Tides

Low Tides is a novel spectral engine that boasts Live Freeze, the ability to pause and listen to frequencies happening at any instant in time. In addition, Low Tides has exceptionally low latency and high precision for low frequencies.

Live Freeze

Live Freeze is a powerful tool that allows you to freeze time and scrub through the spectrum within a 30 second snapshot in time. This is perfect for pinpointing fast moving frequencies that can be difficult to identify in real time. When real-time analysis is not necessary, Live Freeze can be used to get a great representation of your audio. This is useful for EQing sounds with quick transients, as it allows you to see exactly what is happening in the frequency spectrum without being overwhelmed by the transients. Live Freeze can also be used to prevent ear fatigue from listening to a loop too many times. By freezing the audio, you can listen to it at a slower pace and focus on specific frequencies. This can help you to make more accurate EQ adjustments.

Overall, Live Freeze is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. It is a valuable addition to any audio engineer's toolkit.

Focus Filter

The focus filter is an ideal tool for isolating frequencies without being distracted by the rest of the mix. Its steep cutoff slope and flat passband region ensure that only the frequencies you want to hear are being played. This makes it perfect for tasks such as EQing, mastering, and sound design.

Draggable Cursors

No need to use your finger to keep track of specific spots on the spectrum. Draggable cursors are a valuable tool to stay organized while analyzing audio.

Three Speed Modes

  • Slow – Optimized to differentiate very close frequencies.
  • Medium – Best balance of latency and frequency distinction.
  • Fast – Optimized for minimal latency.

Two Zoom Modes

  • 10Hz-2kHz with 1Hz resolution.
  • 10Hz-20kHz with 2.5Hz resolution.

Three Analysis Modes

  • Mono.
  • Stereo.
  • Mid-Side.


  • VU meter with and without averaging.
  • Note/Frequency meter for peak frequencies in the selected range.

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