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MIDI Translator Pro

MIDI Conversion Tool by Bome Software
MIDI Translator Pro MIDI Translator Pro MIDI Translator Pro MIDI Translator Pro
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MIDI Translator Pro

Bome MIDI Translator Pro is a popular MIDI translation, mapping and processing tool: with its powerful translations to emulated keystrokes and mouse clicks, you can use it for controlling arbitrary software. Its rich feature set also allows it to be used for general automation.

For example, you can control your favorite software with a MIDI control surface, use MIDI turntables with arbitrary DJ software, map MIDI messages to other MIDI messages, and much more.

You can create your own mappings by defining the translations, or use one of the many pre-existing translation presets. We are constantly working on new presets, and the active community continually expands the available pool of presets.

MIDI Translator Pro works by specifying mappings for different input and output types. Below is a list of different trigger types (Incoming) and action types (Outgoing). You can combine them as you wish (e.g. do keystroke-to-MIDI conversion, or MIDI-to-mouse mapping).

Incoming Actions:

  • MIDI messages.
  • MIDI Device available/unavailable.
  • Application Focus.
  • keystrokes/sequences/shortcuts.
  • timer.
  • enable/disable the current preset.
  • opening a project file.
  • bytes or text on a serial port.

Processing ("Rules"):

  • very simplistic scripting language.
  • assignments of local and global variables, e.g. pp = 20.
  • simple expressions, e.g. pp = og + 128.
  • labels and goto, e.g. goto "2nd Options".
  • conditional execution, e.g. IF pp < 20 THEN do not execute Outgoing Action.

Outgoing Actions:

  • MIDI messages.
  • use specific MIDI Device/Port.
  • change MIDI routings.
  • keystrokes/sequences/shortcuts.
  • mouse movements, wheel, and clicks.
  • switch to a given application (focus).
  • create/start/stop timer.
  • change active preset.
  • execute program.
  • send bytes or text to serial ports.
  • execute AppleScript (macOS only).

{See video at top of page}

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