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Remixvideo Pro
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Remixvideo Pro

The intuitive VJ software

A complete VJ software solution that makes it easy for anyone to mix & match music and visuals, using an immediately intuitive grid of video loops.

Sync with any compatible software and hardware thanks to Ableton Link, the VST/AU plugins and Audio Live Input.

Mix audio and video live.

Play video samples that automatically start & stop in time and add audio samples into any of the video pas. Any video or audio file added into the grid is automatically synced to the BPM of the playing pack.

Adjust BPM in real time to follow the tempo of the music and mix visuals in perfect sync.

VST/AU plugin for ableton.

In addition to its standalone version, Remixvideo can also be loaded as a VST/AU plugin inside your favorite DAW. For instance, you can create MIDI sequences in Ableton Live that trigger video loops in Remixvideo.

Sync Remixvideo with Remixlive, Cross DJ or Ableton via Ableton Link. Just connect two computers to the same WiFi network and launch clips simultaneously in both pieces of software.

18 video FX and 7 mixing modes.

Tweak your visuals with 18 real-time video FX, such as kaleidoscope, zoom or displace.

Try different ways to blend videos with 7 mixing modes, use FX and mixing modes together to create unique combinations.

Large content & infinite possibilities.

Remixvideo includes 144 free VJ loops & 36 HQ audio samples. Retrieve your free packs in the sample pack collection view or in the software's in-app Store.

Discover Generators, visual content generated in real time. Edit their with four parameters & let them react to the music using Audio Live Input.

Compatible with any MIDI controller.

Use one of a number of natively-supported MIDI controllers (see the full feature list below for more details) or quickly assign MIDI commands to any controller thanks to Remixvideo's built-in MIDI learning capabilities.

Assigning commands in the software to your own controller is now easier than ever thanks to the dedicated MIDI mapping view.

Real-time editing.

Take advantage of extensive video controls for each pad: easily change parameters like hue, contrast, brightness or saturation. Change a video's background color using chroma key, adjust position and scale.

Remixvideo also includes a complete AV mixer with audio & video faders, bi-filter (lo-pass/hi-pass) knobs, EQs and mute/solo options for each channel.

Support for all main formats and codecs.

Hassle-free import: simply drag and drop your video files onto the grid to import your own content.

Remixvideo supports all the main video formats (including MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG...) and video codecs (h264, HAP, M-JPEG...) out of the box, with no need for additional downloads.

Easy video input and output.

Integrate webcam or live camera input onto a pad with Live Video Input. Easily display your performance on a secondary screen.

Use Audio Live Input to analyze the BPM, waveform and frequency of external audio sources. Audio reactive generators will then react to the music outputted from any piece of software or hardware that is fed into Remixvideo.

Share video output with Syphon/Spout.

Share video output with another Syphon (MAC) or Spout (Windows) -compatible piece of software.

For instance, you can send the output of Remixvideo to other mapping and VIJ software such as Madmapper or Resolume.

Share your performance on YouTube.

You can instantly share your performance on YouTube or Dailymotion directly from Remixvideo. Just provide your login details in the app preferences and click the "Share" button when your performance is ready.

This integration makes Remixvideo a VJ software that lets you share your creative vision easily by creating original video content and having it instantly available to a large audience.

Full feature list.

Complete VJ software.

• Play fully-synced video samples: link audio samples to video pads
• Modular grid: up to 8×8 pads
• Audio editor: quantize, gain, mute audio
• Video editor: hue, contrast, brightness, saturation, key, position and scale.

Video mixing.

• 18 video FX
• 7 mixing modes
• Built-in mixer: audio & video faders, bi-filter knobs, EQs, mute & solo
• Live BPM control: time stretch and tap tempo included
• Touch Bar editing shortcuts on the new MacBook Pro
• Autopilot: automatically plays a sequence of pads.

Software compatibility.

• VST/AU plugin
• Ableton Link support
• Syphon support: share video output with other mapping/VJ software.

Professional content.

• 144 royalty-free professional video samples (available in 404p, 720p & 1080p)
• 36 royalty-free professional audio samples
• Generators: includes 48 real-time generated & audio reactive glsl files
• Overlays: includes 13 transparent background video samples.

Video output & export.

• Direct output to a secondary screen for live performance
• Picture control: video projection mapping & master video editor
• Video ratio editor
• Record your performance live in high-quality MP4 video
• Share your recordings via YouTube and Dailymotion.

Video input & import.

• Import your own video & audio samples onto the grid
• Import your own images and logos onto the grid (jpeg, png & bmp)
• Supports main AV formats & video codecs (avi, mjpeg, mov, mp4, mpeg...)
• Compatible audio formats: MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, AAC, WMA
• Alpha layer: make a color transparent with chroma key or use HAP codecs
• Live video input: play webcam or camera input onto a pad.


• 64-bit version
• 2.0 GHz Intel Core i5
• 4 GB RAM
• Recommended: Windows 10 & dedicated GPU
• If any doubt, try the demo first.

Hardware compatibility.

• MIDI support: Launchpad Mk2, APC Mini, APC 40 Mk2 & Base 2
• MIDI learn: quickly assign MIDI commands to any controller
• Audio Live Input: get BPM, waveform & frequency from external sources.

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