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RTbass generates the bass line when you play keyboard.

RTbass is a virtual monophonic instrument which is intended to be used as complement to another instrument of your choice. The special feature of RTbass is that it plays only one note at a time, and always the lowest note, so RTbass creates a bass line in addition to what you play with the other instrument.

November Rain (cover with RTdrum & RTbass)

VST MIDI out... (tuto)

The RTbass trial version is free and fully functional, and it works 60 days, then 48 hours renewable as many times as you want so don't hesitate to try it right now. (Click on "Downloads" on the left.).

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Reviewed By udobehm [all]
December 11th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

I need a plugin in VST2 64-bit or VST3 that recognizes the chord and always plays the root note of the chord (not always the lowest note but the root note of the chord).

I have a Max4Live device for this, which is useless however as I can only use it in Ableton Live. Could anyone create such a plugin for me or knows of any plugin like this that I may use?

Thank you.

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