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Kmath Synthesizer

Kmath Synthesizer
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Kmath Synthesizer

Kmath Synthesizer works with mathematical expressions.

Kmath is a virtual analog modeling synthesizer, which is entirely modular. It is different from the other synths because of its simple and interactive interface, based on the use of algebraic expressions, which gives a good global view of the settings and offer a great fluidity for the sound creativity and modification of the settings especially for adding modulations. We can also draw wave forms with the mouse.

Specifications: The audio synthesis and modulations are defined with mathematical formulas. We have:

  • 1 filter : low-pass 2&4 poles, band-pass, high-pass.
  • 9 oscillators.
  • 9 envelopes.
  • 9 wave motives you draw.
  • 9 faders assignable to what you want and automated in host application.
  • 9 generators of random numbers.
  • some mathematical functions : sin, logarithm, power, multiplication (=> ring modulator), integer&decimal part.
  • sensitivity to velocity, modulation wheel, pitch bend, aftertouch, all that is assignable to what you want.
  • polyphonic mode 8 voices or monophonic with portamento (and its "release portamento" feature, watch the tuto...), or MONOPOLY !!! (watch the tuto...).
  • More than 50 factory programs, and you can save your own programs too.

{See video at top of page}.

Video Tutorial



The Kmath trial version is free and fully functional, and it works 60 days, then 48 hours renewable as many times as you want so don't hesitate to try it right now. (Click on "Downloads" on the left.).

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