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Dynamics (Compressor / Limiter) by Voxengo
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Soniformer is a spectral mastering dynamics processor that splits the incoming sound signal into 32 spectral bands. This makes Soniformer a powerful and precise tool for mastering and sound restoration purposes.

Every parameter in Soniformer is defined by means of a graphic envelope which is freely-modifiable and which may contain an unlimited number of control points. Beside the usual threshold, attack, release and compression/expander ratio parameters Soniformer offers you control over "stereo width" and "panning" parameters making Soniformer an effective tool for stereo field adjustments.

Not only Soniformer offers you an easy-to-use parameter envelope editing interface, it also features a comprehensive set of spectral metering tools: you can switch between input, output, stereo correlation and stereo balance spectrums. The spectral gain change meter, which is always present on the user interface, gives you an outline of the overall signal power change applied by the plug-in's processing chain.


  • 32-band dynamics processor.
  • Envelope-driven parameters.
  • 32-band "analog" spectrum analyzer.
  • Stereo balance and correlation meters.
  • Multi-band panning.
  • Narrow-band sweeping.
  • Stereo and multi-channel processing.
  • Internal channel routing.
  • Channel grouping.
  • Mid/side processing.
  • Up to 8x linear-phase oversampling.
  • 64-bit floating point processing.
  • Preset manager.
  • Undo/redo history.
  • A/B comparisons.
  • Contextual hint messages.
  • All sample rates support.
  • 11-millisecond processing latency.
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Reviewed By PeterL
January 20th, 2006

My Voxengo Soniformer review (tested version 2.4.1):
If you are looking for the holy grail in mastering compression maybe this is it (although it doesn't color the sound = no valve compressor)!
It's a 32-Band Spectral-Compressor (think of it as a kind of Multiband-Compressor) with additional features described later. It could be a little bit confusing when you use it the first time, but once you get familiar with the interface you will notice that the GUI couldn't be any better.
You can adjust Threshold/Attack/Release/Ratio/WetMix/OutGain/St.Link/Width/Pan for each of the 32 bands individually in a graphical way by envelopes. You have several monitoring options as help to adjust each band (especially Threshold/OutGain) in an easy way. It is possible to perform Mid/Side processing for adjusting only the Mid(Mono)- or Side(Stereo)-part of the signal. Further you can switch compression mode to "Normal" (all above the Threshold will be processed) or "Inverted" (all below the Threshold will be processed). Detector mode can be switched between "Peak" or "Envelope". Input slope of the analyzer can be adjusted if you want to concentrate more or less on a certain frequency range. Since version 2.4 you can change the processing order for Comp/OutGain/Width/Pan.
Hint: You can use Soniformer not only as compressor but also as a superb Stereo Widener (Width/Pan envelopes) and/or as a kind of 32-Band equalizer (OutGain envelope).
As alternative to envelope editing (and if the 32 bands are too much for your brain) you can switch Soniformer to a 3-Band compressor in knob mode.
My tipps for beginners:
- Start with the presets and adjust the Threshold curve to your needs. Just right-click in the Threshold envelope to select all points, then move the curve up/down.
- If you want a non-pumping single-band compressor just set all envelopes to a straight horizontally line (by clicking on "Reset"), then right-click to select this line in each tab and move it up/down to your needs.
- Use the analyzer in Monitoring mode "In+Out" to set the threshold visually and switch sometimes to Monitoring mode "Gains" to see the reduction/enhancement for each band.
- Read the manual for detailed description

Be aware: Soniformer uses 45% CPU on my P4 2.8GHz, but this is normal for the heavy precise processing in this plugin.
What I miss (I don't know if it can ever be implemented):
A "Solo" listening mode for each band.

All in all it's a great value for money: $59 (sometimes I can't believe it). Further the customer support for all Voxengo products is perfect.
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