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Stream from Delta Sound Labs is a granular sampler audio effects plug-in for sound design, intricate delays and live performance. Its clean sound separates it from typical spectral or frequency granulators and it's a great way to layer and widen your audio source. Stream also boasts very low latency making it ideal for live performance.

Key Features:

  • Tempo Sync – synchronize the grains with the tempo of your host.
  • Low latency – ideal for live performance.
  • Auto Record Mode: a new record mode that allows a user to determine the buffer size by toggling the Record button.
  • Capture & Overdub – capture an audio excerpt, manipulate the audio, build harmonies and layer disparate audio sources.
  • Time stretching/scrubbing.
  • Up to 16 granular voices.
  • Monophonic MIDI Mode: re-pitch all granular voices at the same pitch and grain length (great for creating pedal points).
  • Polyphonic MIDI Mode: granular voice creation and re-pitching just like a regular VSTi.
  • Sample Drag-and-Drop: drag, drop and use any .WAV .AIFF or MP3 with Stream.
  • Optimized Sample Interpolation: smooth playback through optimized audio sample smoothing.
  • Dedicated Dry and Wet knobs to balance dry and wet audio signals relative to the Mix control.

{See video at top of page}


User Reviews Average user rating of 3.00 from 1 review Add A Review

Reviewed By zacharyabresch [all]
December 28th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.3.1 on Mac

Interesting effect. I mainly play granular synths so an effect like this I find to have a fairly limited number of use cases. Usage was not intuitive at all so mostly I clicked presets and ran the material through. Some cool sounds, lots of not-great sounds, and a ton of noise. After some playing around, I started to see how to use the record and overdub features to improve things and the ability to drag & drop samples is a nice touch. For experimental and soundscape material, this could be really cool.

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