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Multi Band Compressor by discoDSP
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ThrillMe is a 32-bit multi-effects processor divided into 3 parts.

Spectral enhancer:

  • 4 bands (Bipole shelving IIR filter - (1 x Low-shelf + 2 x Peaking + 1 x Hi-shelf) x 2 (stereo).
  • Serial Routing.
  • Auto Adjustment.

Dynamics processor:

  • 3 bands.
  • Splitting filter: Single-pole IIR/-6dB oct x 2 (stereo) x 3 (bands).
  • Band range: 0-1kHz/1kHz-10kHz/10kHz-Inf (with -6dB/oct crossover roll off).
  • Algorithm: VADP - Virtual Analog Dynamics Processing.
  • Envelope: Attack / Release (Self adjusted).
  • Ratio: from 1:1 to 1:128.
  • Threshold range: -inf dB. to 0.0dB, exponential curve.


  • Type: Mathematical waveshaping.
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Reviewed By UrKraft-TonStudio [all]
May 19th, 2021
Version reviewed: 2.2.0 on Windows

Heyhoo discoDSP, .

i buy in the past, direct from your Homepage that "ThrillMe" Plugin!
I absolutly don't understand "WHY" you don't update this Plugin "unique" - "ThrillMe VST Plugin" to x64-bit??
ThrillMe Sounding - AWESOME - in my Opinion, there ist NO OTHER Plugin out there, that came NEAR BY, .

ThrillMe...., the only one that came in this direction is "Redoptor 2 from D16-Group" !
But when i do a A/B comparison, than ThrillMe ..."Thrill's me!!!" ...that is Unbelievable good Sounding Plugin.


Please Update - "ThrillMe" - to x64-bit Plugin or "x64 vst3 "Peeeaaasssseeeee" !!.


The 32-bit Bridge sucks...ok i can do a Pre-render to get the ThrillMe Sound in my FILE, .

but it is a Mixing Process, you know that.

THRILLME is the BEST Sounding Distortion Harmonics Overtone Saturator, i ever hear on a DAW, there is NO.

other VST, that Sound in this Way...Without terible Noise! Its a CLEAN Distortion Sound, only the Sound of your.

File and ...."THE TUBE" in that Digital circuit...its Amazing how that Plugin Sounds!!!
Believe me, "ThrillME" is a Burner, for Guitars, for Drums, Bass...for all you can use ist.

Its a Overtone TUBE Warm and Ultra Aggressiv Distortion Plugin, with Compression and Limiter properties, itpick.

out the accents of your Recordings and give "Ultra Power" to them...or decent "Warm Tube Amplification" to it.


Belief be, there is no other Plugin out there, that Sound like "ThrillMe" .

This is so "Unique" and good in Sound, like a "LA-2A" or "LA-76" in its uniqueness!!! FACT!!.

I absolutly don't Understand WHY there is NO x64-bit Version out there!?

And i absolutly don't understand, why that Plugin get so little attention.

Check this Plugin out, it is worth any Penny, also in the 32-bit Version.

BUT, please dear Developers of discoDSP - Upgrade - ThrillMe....please!!.

Best Regards.

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