Tripinlab is a company that designs sound and visual instruments.

Tripinlab is an company created by French software designer, visual artist and composer Maxence Mercier whom has years of experience in 3D sound environments for music production, live performance, cinema, interactive installations, and much more...

It was founded by composer and visual artist Maxence Mercier to share the instruments designed for his works.

Tripinlab's "Sound Trajectory" gives one, the necessary tools to set up any 3D environment in any modern multi channel speaker or ATMOS set-up. The semi-modular design of this software makes it easy for any user to adapt to a tridimensional audio projects.

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Sound Trajectory
Sound Trajectory
Space Editor by Tripinlab
Ambisonics, ambiX, Cinema, Fuma, Generative Music Mixer, Interactive Music Studio, N3D, Reverb, Sampler, Surround, Trajectory, VR audio

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