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Verticale Heartwarming Upright

Felted Upright Piano by Sonora Cinematic
Verticale Heartwarming Upright Verticale Heartwarming Upright Verticale Heartwarming Upright
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Verticale Heartwarming Upright

"Verticale" is what the Italians call an upright piano, and that's exactly what this virtual instrument captures in detail: a beautiful, intimate upright meticulously recorded both natural and felted.

Developed for the free Kontakt Player 7, Verticale was recorded with four layers of felt – to our knowledge this is the only quadruple felt piano available today! The natural patch is pure and warm, the felt is rich and mellow, and, combined with the onboard features and effects, Verticale will take your music to new heights of cinematic emotion and lo-fi nostalgia.

The Mics

Three different mic positions offer complete control over the tonal character of the piano. All mics are stereo pairs – a room which is a pair of AKG C414 mics and two different spot mics – a pair of AEA M22 active ribbons and a pair of Neumann K10084 small diaphragm condensers. Switch between mics in the GUI or route to different channels if you want to mix them separately in your DAW.

Inspire new ideas by mixing the cassette signal and the microphones, with enchanting and emotive results.

Add Lo-Fi Lustre To Your Music

Verticale includes a unique "Cassette" signal, created by passing the samples to cassette through an old 4-track cassette recorder set to record at high speed and then playing back the tape at minimum speed. The result is a pitch-shifted and warped sound: a great way to add a lo-fi patina to your music.

Built-In FX

Verticale includes two sends to reverb and delay, both featuring multiple modes to explore. You'll also find a Color knob which works in a similar way to a tilt EQ – move it to the left for a darker sound with more body, or move to the right for a thinner, brighter sound. Meanwhile, use the Sync Toggle to switch between tempo sync musical values and milliseconds.

For a real nostalgic sound, explore the Cassette section with the Crunch control for some really juicy tape saturation, and Lo-Fi – a macro that controls Bit and Sample Rate reduction. Want your audio to sound REALLY vintage? Just select mono.

Finally, dial in some Deck to playback some of the authentic sound of the Portastudio's belt – as you'll hear, it needs replacing.

A pleasure to play and instantly useful, Verticale delivers a cool vintage vibe perfect for lo-fi ambient tracks and electronic, experimental music. This emotive and versatile instrument will also make an interesting addition to any composer's palette, lending an alternative sound for captivating cinematic music.

Sonora Cinematic Verticale works with the free Kontakt Player 7.1+.


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Walkthrough 2 - FX

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