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WaveLab Pro

General Features:

  • Real-time processing with 32-bit Floating Point accuracy.
  • ASIO, WDM and MME driver support.
  • Support for 8-, 16-, 20-, 24-, 32-bit files with up to 192 kHz resolution.
  • Support for WAV, AIFF, AU, Ensoniq Paris 24-bit, Sound Designer II, Ulaw, MP3, MP2 (M.U.S.I.C.A.M.), WMA, AVI Audio, Sun/Java etc..
  • Support of Redbook Audio CD and DVD Audio.
  • Proprietary file format: OSQ for loss-less compression of audio files for archiving.
  • Apogee UV22 HR Dithering.
  • Save while work: simultaneous saving of multiple audio files in background.
  • Full featured recording with up to eight audio channels.
  • Master section with up to eight audio channels and support for surround plugins.
  • Professional database for audio files.
  • Audio file comparison and analysis.
  • Batch Processing with Plug-Ins.
  • MTC Synchronization.
  • Sampler support for all industry-standard samplers.
  • Programmable screen layouts.
  • Instant, unlimited Undo /Redo.
  • Specifically optimized for Pentium IV, Pentium III, Pentium II, Pentium MMX.
  • Various loop and crossfade tools.
  • Telephony applications (DTMF generator and more).

Real-time Effects and Functions:

  • Real-time analysis of audio signals: Level / Pan, Phase, 60-band Spectrum Analyzer, FFT-Meter, Wave, Bit-Meter (all with up to eight audio channels).
  • NaturalVerb.
  • Q (parametric 4 band mastering EQ).
  • Multiband Compressor.
  • Spectralizer (Enhancer), Denoiser, Declicker.
  • Voice Attenuator.
  • 192 kHz Resampler.
  • Puncher.
  • Reverb / Echo / Chorus.
  • Autopanner, Stereo Expander.
  • Externalizer (loudspeaker simulation for headphones).
  • Leveler / Peak Master.
  • Noise-gate.
  • Ducking Tool for voice-over automation.
  • VST Dynamics (Gate, Leveler, Compressor, Soft Clip, Limiter).

Audio-Montage Features:

  • Innovative, clip-oriented editing system with outstanding performance.
  • Support for any output configuration from mono to eight channels, including all standard surround formats.
  • Direct import of split and interleaved surround files into separate tracks.
  • Clips can be processed with up to 10 virtual effects.
  • Track-based effects with up to 10 virtual effects.
  • Track volume control and surround panner with automation.
  • Track level meter.
  • Any number of clips can be placed on any number of different tracks.
  • Superimposing two clips automatically generates a crossfade in real time.
  • A variety of preset fades are included: exponential / logarithmic/ sinus / square root.
  • Unique technology for intelligent overlapping and positioning of clips to avoid phase cancellation.
  • Volume and panning can be automated for each clip.
  • Smart video thumbnail track with video playback within the track – plus vide tab for larger playback view.
  • New picture and realtime text tracks.

Off-Line Effects and Functions:

  • Time Stretching, Pitch Shifting, Pitch Bend.
  • Automatic pitch recognition and pitch adjustment.
  • Autosplit function: audio files can be divided based on various criteria.
  • Harmonization, Chorus.
  • Compressor, Limiter, Gate.
  • Normalizer, Meta Normalizer, DC Remover.
  • 3D FFT.
  • WMA Pro export (incl. 5.1 and 7.1 surround).
  • Compatible with XSend/XReceive for audio file exchange with video applications.
  • Drag & Drop file support.

CD Burning:

  • Full Red-book compatible CD burning with enhanced CD burner support.
  • On-the-fly CD burning including all Plug-Ins.
  • CD Wizard enables the creation of an entire Red-book CD with just a few mouse clicks within the Audio-Montage.
  • Individual clips in the Audio-Montage can be defined as CD tracks and burnt directly to CD.
  • Label Editor to create custom labels and CD covers.
  • Backup tool: storage of projects and data on CDs or other media.
  • Audio-in-pause, CD-text support, CD Image import/export, Cue Sheet import/export.
  • Data and mixed mode CD burning, ISO image support.

DVD Audio Authoring:

  • Full DVD Audio support including high resolution stereo and surround formats (all channel modes defined in the DVD Audio specification are supported).
  • 16-bit and 24-bit resolution with up to 192 kHz sampling rate. WaveLab can create DVD-A disks up to "stereo, 24-bit, 192kHz" and "5.1, 24-bit, 48kHz", and "5.1, 16-bit, 96kHz".
  • High resolution surround support with up to 24-bit and 48 kHz for all six channels (24-bit/96 kHz 6-channel surround requires MLP encoding – currently not supported by WaveLab 5).
  • DVD Audio creation directly from Audio Montage.
  • Instant non-destructive and reversible transformation from CD project to DVD-A project.
  • Support for DVD real-time text and static text, still images, slideshows, and graphic menus.
  • Support for ISRC and UPC/EAN codes.
  • Automatic creation of menus.
  • Support for gapless playback, audio-in-pause, hidden "bonus" tracks.
  • DVD Audio grabber (for unprotected DVD-A only).
  • Support of DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW and DVD-RAM drives.
  • Ability to import and burn DVD Video content.
  • Support for additional data content.
  • Supports up to 9 Groups with up to 99 tracks each.
  • Track sub-index support.
  • User-defined down-mix coefficients from surround to stereo with direct audio preview.
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