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XILS 4: Ultimate Analog Matrix Modular Synthesizer.

The XILS 4 emulates a prototype that was never released, the EMS VCS4, based on two integrated, interlinked and interacting VCS 3 (Synthi) cores. We also coupled them with the famous 256 analog poly-sequencer.

Like the 2nd huge Pin Matrix, and its numerous additional modules: Envelopes, LFOs, S&H, Voltage Processor, Pitch Tracker, Transient etc. Or the recreation of the unique, powerful 256 analog Poly-sequencer, intimately tied to the synthesis engines. Add to that the analog Chorus (3 modes) Delay and Phaser, the Spring Reverb, and the picture emerges.

In the XILS 4, you can connect everything with everything, and you get more than 1140 possible different connexions per patch. Did we say at Audio Rate ?An endless source of inspiration for those who want to go deep into the heart of Analog Modular Synthesis.

It's impossible to summarize what the XILS 4 can do, but, in short, here's the list of the main modules:

  • 12 Aliasing free Oscillators, grouped in 6 pairs, with WaveShaping, 3*2 Hard synchronization modes, + 2 additional Noise oscillators.
  • 2 Analog Multimode Filters, Non Linear and zero delay behaviors, with 3 Modes (12/18/24 dB).
  • 4 Trapezoidal, looping, Envelope Generators. (Switchable to standard ADSR).
  • 5 Polyphonic LFOs (including 4 Oscillator acting as LFO at audio rate).
  • Polyphonic Ring Modulator and VCA engine.
  • Cascade Mode: Synthesizer 1 can feed Synth 2 engine inputs.
  • 4 independent outputs feeding the Stereo Bus, each with one analog LP/HP filter.
  • 2 Programmable Joystick Vector Controllers (up to 32+32 modulation targets).
  • Polyphonic Sequencer with 3 independent lines, Slew rates, 3 recording modes.
  • Sequencer can behave as modulation source.
  • Pitch Tracker, Envelope Follower, Transient, Gate, Sample & Hold Modules.
  • Chorus, Delay, Phaser, Spring Reverb.
  • 6 Play modes (including Unison 2/4/6), Polyphonic and mono Portamento/Glissando/Legato, 2 different Keyboard Scaling, Polyphonic Aftertouch and VCA handling.
  • Nearly 700 presets made by worldwide famous Sound Designers.
  • Preset Database Engine (Find the right patch in a flash, create your own tags).
  • Comprehensive manual with a getting started and tutorial sections.
  • More than 100 parameters mappable to MIDI controllers.
  • More than 1100 possible connexions per patch...

With the XILS 4 research Synthesizer, things that were impossible yesterday become now possible, with never ending programming possibilities.

Not sure you're ready for modular monsters? This synthesizer includes a new preset factory library, with more than 350 presets that were especially designed for it, and also includes the XILS 3 factory library.

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Reviewed By JD Bassa
November 11th, 2022

Bought it, downloaded it, then tried to install it. Never seen so much messing about, generating accounts with other companies. Finally told it wasn't able to use elicencer when after purchase it said I could. Maybe one day I'll get around to licencing it. Used to own a VCS3, should have kept it.

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