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MPE Month

March is MPE month at KVR, and to celebrate, we've partnered with top brands including Roli, UVI, Arturia, Bitwig, Expressive E, Newfangled Audio and Swar VST to provide a handful of lucky winners with some of the best MPE enabled tools available. Stay tuned for exclusive MPE related interviews, articles and product announcements through out the month.

MPE Month 2022

ROLI launches Seaboard RISE 2 MPE controller
March 30, 2022
Tags: Instrument, Hardware, Controller, MIDI, MP Engine, MPE Month, Seaboard, ROLI, ROLI Studio, Equator2
A different approach to MPE control: An interview with moForte's Pat Scandalis
March 18, 2022
Tags: Instrument, Effect, Plugin Host, Hardware, Windows, macOS, iOS, VST2 Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Audio Unit, MPE, MPE Controllers, MPE Month, Physical Modeling, KVR Audio, moForte, SpaceWiz, SWAM Clarinets, SWAM Double Reeds, SWAM Saxophones, SWAM Flutes, SWAM Violin, SWAM Viola, SWAM Cello, SWAM Double Bass, GeoShred Pro, GeoShred Play, GeoShred Control, SWAM Trumpets, SWAM Trombones, SWAM Horns & Tubas, SWAM Solo Brass Bundle, SWAM Solo Strings Bundle, SWAM Solo Woodwinds Bundle
MPE compatible apps to grab for your mobile devices
March 15, 2022
Tags: Instrument, Hardware, iOS, iPad, iPad Synth, Mobile, MPE Controller, MPE Month, KVR Audio, Animoog, SynthMaster Player for iOS, Volt, KB-1, GeoShred Pro, WoodSynth
Grassroots pioneering of a standard: An interview with Roger Linn
March 8, 2022
Tags: Instrument, Plugin Host, Hardware, Windows, macOS, Continuum, Jon Appleton, KVR MPE Month, Linn Drum, Lippold Hakan, MPE, MPE Controllers, MPE Month, KVR Audio, Roger Linn Design, Logic Pro, MainStage, LinnStrument, SWAM Saxophones, SWAM Cello, SWAM Trumpets, Equator2
Need an MPE controller? Check out these 5 inspiring instruments
March 4, 2022
Tags: Instrument, Hardware, Best of, MPE, MPE Month, KVR Audio, LinnStrument, Morph
KarmaFX Synth Modular 2 is 50% off during KVR MPE Month
March 1, 2022
Tags: Instrument, Effect, Windows, macOS, VST2 Plugins, Audio Unit, MPE Month, KarmaFX, KarmaFX Synth Modular
WIMSS WoodSynth (MPE, multilayer synth) is 25% off during the KVR MPE month
February 28, 2022
Tags: Instrument, macOS, iOS, VST2 Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Audio Unit, AAX Plugins, MPE Month, Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio, WoodSynth
ROLI tease new Seaboard MPE controller
February 10, 2022
Tags: Hardware, KVR MPE Month, MIDI Controller Keyboard, MPE, MPE Month, Seaboard, ROLI, KVR Audio
TAQS.IM updates Solo with MPE Support and New World & Oriental Sounds
February 10, 2022
Tags: Instrument, Windows, macOS, VST2 Plugins, Audio Unit, AAX Plugins, Arabic, Asian, Audio unit, Balkan, Greek, Indian, MPE, MPE Synth, Persian, VST Plugin, World Instruments, TAQS.IM, Solo


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