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News Archive for April 2002

29th April 2002Massiva X0.72 released

29th April 2002dmiFlute v0.002 released

29th April 2002FM7 and AbSynth are going hybrid

28th April 2002dmiFlute v0.001 Windows VSTi released

28th April 2002Bitshift Audio pHATmatik PRO pre release Windows demo available

28th April 2002Native Instruments Workshops and Readings @ Ether 2002

27th April 2002New VST adapter for Buzz released

27th April 2002rgcAudio Pentagon I DXi released

27th April 2002VOPM beta v0.03 Windows VSTi released

25th April 2002Alex @ Smart Electron:x GalactiX v1.4a released

25th April 2002Steinberg Cubasis 3.0r3 released

25th April 2002Native Instruments AbSynth VSTi & DXi for Windows shipping

25th April 2002Synthetic II PRO v0.11 released

25th April 2002LinPlug Delta III Beta 3 released

25th April 2002Ganymed v1.0 build 102 released

25th April 2002Green Oak Crystal FREE modular synth released

24th April 2002Sound Quest Infinity v2.05 released

24th April 2002Plogue Bidule Public Beta for Windows released (v0.4500)

23rd April 2002Alex @ Smart Electron:x GalactiX v1.4 released

23rd April 2002Plugsound release a second demo version of Vol. 5 : Synths

23rd April 2002Vivaldi and Ganymed FREE FM VSTis released

22nd April 2002Steinberg Virtual Guitarist released today!

22nd April 2002DashSynthesis release two new Reaktor Synths

19th April 2002Steinberg The Grand v1.01 released for Windows & MacOS

18th April 2002MIVI released

18th April 2002Rumpelrausch Täips Crazy Diamonds v1.6 released

18th April 2002Plugsound Vol. 5 Win & Mac demos released

18th April 2002Synthetic II Pro v010 released

18th April 2002DXi2 SDK released

18th April 2002Ichiro Toda Synth 1 DXi

16th April 2002LinPlug Delta III public beta Windows VSTi released.

16th April 2002Rumpelrausch Täips ZR-3 Triple Drawbar Organ v1.0 released

16th April 2002Native Instruments Reaktor v3.06 released for MacOS

16th April 2002Bitshift Audio pHATmatik PRO available to preorder

16th April 2002Spectrasonics Stylus for MacOS now shipping!

15th April 2002DirectiXer v2.0 released

15th April 2002Virtual Guitarist release date

15th April 2002New IK SampleTank Free instruments

15th April 2002DashSynthesis news

14th April 2002Cyber v005 released

14th April 2002GIRL released

13th April 2002rgcAudio Triangle II DXi v1.02 released

12th April 2002FXpansion VST-DX Adapter Standard Edition v3.3 released

12th April 2002DashSynthesis news

11th April 2002SynC Modular registrations are back online

11th April 2002n-Track Studio v3.05 released

11th April 2002GMedia M-Tron v3.01 released (Windows version)

11th April 2002reFX JunoX² v1.32 released

9th April 2002GMedia M-Tron v3.0 released (Windows version)

9th April 2002LoftSoft FMHeaven v1.4.9 demos released

7th April 2002rgcAudio Triangle II v1.01 released - Including DXi

6th April 2002Psycle Final released

6th April 2002New tutorials added

5th April 2002Sonic Syndicate Junglist v3.02 released

5th April 2002FM7 competition winners!

5th April 2002LinPlug Delta III Screenshot @ TraXmusic

4th April 2002DashSynthesis Reaktor synths

4th April 2002Plugsound Vols 3 & 4 Win Demos released

2nd April 2002Bowed Synth released

2nd April 2002Axxeom Lupah and Trionic v1.03 released

2nd April 2002Alex @ Smart Electron:x GalactiX released

1st April 2002Tobybear Helios v1.3 released

1st April 2002DashSynthesis : Reaktor & Infinity synths

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