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News Archive for May 2002

31st May 2002Big Tick Angelina v1.0 beta released

30th May 2002Chip32 v0.03 released

30th May 2002DashSynthesis Reaktor & Infinity news

28th May 2002GMedia M-Tron v3.0r4 Windows VSTi released.

28th May 2002Muzys v2.12 released

28th May 2002AnaMark LF (Light & Free) released

28th May 2002Art Gillespie interviewed @ TraXmusic

28th May 2002New patches for JunoX²

28th May 2002Turntablist Pro v1.0 demo version released

27th May 2002Energy PRO v1.2 released

27th May 2002Native Instruments Absynth & Kontakt Windows VSTi & DXi demos

26th May 2002Bitshift Audio pHATmatik PRO demo released

26th May 2002Chip32 v0.02 released

26th May 2002AAS Lounge Lizard EP-1 released

26th May 2002Energy PRO v1.1 released

26th May 2002BitHeadz Unity Session v3.02 released

26th May 2002VAZ 2010 VSTi and DXi released

26th May 2002Native Instruments Absynth v1.3.2 (Windows) released

26th May 2002ArGuru Aodix v2.32 released

26th May 2002Sonar Plugin Manager and Plugins Patch released

26th May 2002Steinberg Cubase SX is now shipping

26th May 2002AudioNerdz Delay Lama released

26th May 2002GMedia M-Tron v3.0r3 Windows VSTi released

26th May 2002Emagic Logic Platinum v5.1.3 released

20th May 2002Sound Burst Sample Farm Pro shipping

20th May 2002ArGuru Aodix v2.3 released

20th May 2002Cycling '74 Pluggo 3 released

20th May 2002BitHeadz Unity Session v3.01 released

20th May 2002Sonic Syndicate Orion Pro v3.03 released

19th May 2002MHC Space Synth released

19th May 2002Energy v1.0 released

19th May 2002MAZ shipping 10-CD-Samples-Bundle for VSampler, HALion and EXS24

17th May 2002Bitshift Audio pHATmatik PRO released

17th May 2002reFX JunoX² v1.4 released

17th May 2002Green Oak Crystal v1.2 released

17th May 2002GIRL updated

15th May 2002PD-303 updated

15th May 2002Image Line DX10 and Wasp DXis released

14th May 2002Sonic Syndicate Orion Pro v3.02 released

14th May 2002Three new SampleTank titles from IK and AMG

14th May 2002Image Line DX10 v1.06 and Wasp v2.0.10 released

13th May 2002Fruityloops VSTi preview

13th May 2002Energy Windows VSTi released

13th May 2002Rumpelrausch Täips Crazy Diamonds v1.7 and ZR-3 v1.1 released

13th May 2002VOPM v0.07 released

12th May 2002VOPM v0.06 released

12th May 2002Spectrasonics UK & Europe tour

12th May 2002PPV Medien releases "VST-Instruments" by Ulf Kaiser

10th May 2002Orion Pro v3.01 released

10th May 2002PD-303 released

10th May 2002LinPlug Delta III released

10th May 2002Green Oak Crystal v1.1 Windows VSTi released

10th May 2002Ganymed and Vivaldi updated

10th May 2002AnaMark v2.0 released

8th May 2002Native Instruments Kontakt v1.01 released

8th May 2002DashSynthesis Chords for Infinity updated

8th May 2002Native Instruments Reaktor v3.07.005 MacOS beta released

6th May 2002VOPM v0.05 released

6th May 2002dmiFlute MacOS and OS X released

6th May 2002Ganymed and Vivaldi Windows versions only updated

6th May 2002Green Oak Crystal v1.1 released

2nd May 2002VOPM v0.04 for Windows released

2nd May 2002Sonic Syndicate Orion Pro v3.0 released

2nd May 2002Wantech Drum Dragon now free!

2nd May 2002GMedia Music release 'Signature Sounds'

2nd May 2002CsoundVST v0.7 released

2nd May 2002AnaMark II announced

2nd May 2002LinPlug Delta III beta 4 released

2nd May 2002Big Tick Ticky Clav v1.1 released

2nd May 2002DashSynthesis LittleBrother released

2nd May 2002Girl updated

1st May 2002Muzys v2.11 released

1st May 2002Native Instruments Kontakt Windows version shipping!

1st May 2002Ganymed and Vivaldi updated