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News Archive for May 2003

30th May 2003VirSyn Cube released

30th May 2003Sonic Foundry Acid Pro v4.0c build 390 released

30th May 2003brainspawn forte updated to v1.1

29th May 2003Sound Quest Midi Quest 9.0 / XL released

29th May 2003Steinberg Nuendo 2.0 released

27th May 2003NBM Grenade updated to v1.11

27th May 2003AU303 v1.0b3 released

27th May 2003NI Reaktor Session v1.01 update available

25th May 2003Jeskola XS-1 updated to R4

25th May 2003elektronicabcn Soundboard Expansion1 for Muzys3 library released

25th May 2003VSamp updated to v3.3.2

22nd May 2003Raw Material Tracktion v1.3.1.38 released

21st May 2003Aodix updated to v3.0.0.6

20th May 2003Steinberg VST SDK v2.3 released

20th May 2003Ohm Force competition winners announced!

19th May 2003FASoft n-Track Studio updated to v3.2.3

19th May 2003CutterMusic Revitar updated to v1.1.3

19th May 2003Steinberg Groove Agent demo version available

19th May 2003Outsim sm_3x_v01 released for feedback

19th May 2003Steinberg Virtual Guitarist updated to v1.02

15th May 2003FX Teleport announced

15th May 2003Native Instruments Reaktor v4.01 update now online

15th May 2003VSampler v3.0 RC4 released

13th May 2003CM-505 announced and CM Studio OS X updates

13th May 2003mda Piano & ePiano for OS X released

12th May 2003Muon Tau Pro and Electron for OS X released

12th May 2003Manyetas Ritmo updated to v1.0.2

12th May 2003Emagic Logic OS X v5.5 updated to v5.51

12th May 2003FXpansion VST-AU adapter v1.07.02 released

9th May 2003Steinberg Groove Agent v1.001 released

9th May 2003NI Reaktor Session and Reaktor 4 [retail] now available

8th May 2003New Competition : Win FL Studio!

8th May 2003iZotope competition winners!

7th May 2003Muzys 3.0 released

7th May 2003Cakewalk Project 5 demo available

7th May 2003LinPlug CronoX updated to v2.04

7th May 2003IK/AMG release Loop Soup SampleTank library

6th May 2003VSamp updated to v3.3.1

6th May 2003Emagic Logic Platinum updated to v6.1

5th May 2003New banks for Discovery, FM7, FreeAlpha, Iblit, Industry, Lounge Lizard, Pro-53, Revitar and z3ta+

2nd May 2003Big Tick Rhino updated to v1.06

2nd May 2003Steinberg Groove Agent "Live" VST Drummer now shipping

2nd May 2003SilenceVST build 2003-04-2 released

1st May 2003Spectrasonics Stylus, Atmosphere & Trilogy Mac OSX VST/RTAS versions released and MacOS9 versions updated