Raw Material have updated Tracktion to v1.3.1.38, with some significant changes since the last major minor number release.
  • Complete re-write of the audio engine for smooth running!
  • Directsound and ASIO devices are now separated and can only be used one-at-a-time. Their sample-rate/latency settings are also now global rather than on a per-device basis.
  • Audio devices are no longer opened/closed except when being explicitly enabled/disabled - this should help stability, and also speeds up things like connecting input devices and starting/stopping recording.
  • MIDI devices are also now kept open.
  • Directsound and ASIO both now share the same settings in terms of stereo/mono selection and channel reversal.
  • The new engine uses less threads and is more efficient.
  • Changes to the edit should no longer cause the audio engine to stutter.
  • The application no longer stores its settings in the Windows registry. Instead they've been moved to a file (this is part of moving towards mac/linux compatibility). Shouldn't make any difference to most people, but it means that this version and older versions won't share the same settings.
  • Got rid of the controversial "hardware-lookalike" volume slider in favour of a simpler design.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped it rendering in mono.
  • Added patchbay filters to let you rewire the outputs from multi channel VSTs.
  • Fix to VST MIDI plugins that should prevent some hanging notes.
  • Another hanging note fix for external midi devices.
  • Plus plenty of other bugfixes and tweaks of course.


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