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News Archive for July 2001

30th July 2001

Native Instruments have announced the Pro-52 v2.5 update will be released during August and it will be available as a free download for registered users.

The main new features are DXi, MAS, and DirectConnect versions have been added for integration into Cakewalk SONAR, MOTU Digital Performer, and Digidesign Pro Tools systems. In the MacOS standalone version, v2.5 will allow up to 8 instances to be used at the same time, each with its own MIDI channel, and v2.5 now supports variable sample rates.

We'll let you know as soon as the update is available!

Steinberg have released Cubasis 2.0r2 update for Windows, a minor update:

29th July 2001

rgcAudio have posted the specifications of their forthcoming VSTi Pentagon I, the last in their "classic" range. You can check out the extensive feature list here... [Win VSTi]

Massiva X0.63 has been released, check out the list of new features here... [Win VSTi Host]
Cephalonya/Dash Synthesis have released Mechanix-6 a drum machine for Reaktor 2.3 & 3.x. Apparently it's "ideal for both dance and acoustic drums. More than 180 high quality samples with decay, tune, pan, stereo width and FLAM controls, 6 enveloped and independent filters, 1 global filter, 1 compressor, and an assignable reverb, eq & more...." [Reaktor Ensemble]
ArGuru's Aodix is now at v1.86 [Win VSTi Host]
Cakewalk Home Studio 2002 is now available for Windows. It has DXi support and ships with Dreamstation and Virtual Sound Canvas DXi's included. Read more here... [Win DXi Host]
27th July 2001

Steinberg have released Cubase VST 5.0 r7 Public Beta 1 for Windows, grab your flavour from the ftp HERE

FXpansion's DR-008 has gone all Release Candidate on us, RC1 has been released. More bug fixes, enhancements and overall improvements! Looking good for a final release soon!
26th July 2001

Infinity 2.0 is a new "complete sound design and multimedia control studio" for Windows from Sound Quest. However, Infinity isn't just a self-contained sound creation studio, it also includes support for all major Windows audio and MIDI plug-in formats: DXi, VSTi, VST, DirectX 8.0 and MFX. This means you can use any of the included synths and effects, or indeed any that you or anyone else makes, in any compatible host, such as Cubase, Logic, SONAR, etc.

It looks incredible and the feature list is endless so the best thing to do would be to check out their extensive feature specifications here. It's due for release on 6th August and will cost $499!

Tobybear has updated Electric Cowboy to v0.1a adding note velocity support, new window handling and a debugging option. They've also updated Deconstructor Pro to v1.0b fixing various bugs. [Win VSTi]
PB7 won't be FXpansion's last Public Beta of DR-008 before release, almost immediately they've knocked out PB8 fixing automation and Ultra Sampler problems found in PB7! [Win VSTi]
Emagic have updated Logic Audio for MacOS to v4.7.3 [Mac VSTi Host]
25th July 2001

FXpansion have released what is expected to be the last public beta of DR-008 - PB7! Once again featuring loads of new features and bugfixes!

ArGuru has updated Aodix to v1.851 [Win VSTi Host]

DSound have released the demo version of RT Player Pro, the VSTi, and VST FX standalone host for Windows & MacOS. There has been a bit of a revision to the original specifications and it now supports up to a maximum of 4 VST instruments and 24 plug-ins in program - dependant on CPU power!
24th July 2001

Its patch day today, thanks to everyone who's sent them in recently and I apologize for the delay in posting them!

Battery » Ambient Kit by: FrankyD
HALion » Technox Bass by: modular100
LM-4 » Sampleopolis Kit by: Jorge Ruiz Cantero
LM-4 » Roland Virtual Drums
(Removed due to copyright)
by: Jorge Ruiz Cantero
Reaktor » Lightwave Decay by: Lightwave
Tau Pro » TP-MoJ by: Marc-olivier Johnson
Tau Pro » Cool And Low by: kevvvv
Triangle » dphTriangle by: Dean Hagan

I've also added a couple of other bits 'n' bobs, thanks to the contributors!

BIT-DAW Environment for Logic Audio
PC1600X control of the Waldorf PPG Wave 2.V VST Instrument

22nd July 2001

HaliProj is a (Shareware) Windows utility that will archive (copy) HALion
FXP Instrument/program "samples" in to a separate folder for co-location
working or archiving.
It lets you save the HALion samples used in a song, in the same project
folder, or somewhere else.

It's shareware and costs $2. You can download HaliProj HERE....

21st July 2001

Steinberg have released Cubase VST v5.0r6 Final for Windows, get it from the ftp HERE [Win VSTi Host]

Also from Steinberg, Cubasis VST is finally available for Mac users too! Read more here... [Mac VSTi Host]
20th July 2001

Dash Synthesis have released 3 new synths for Reaktor, all available to buy online:

  • HyperDrums - DrumMachine - BeatLoop/Slicer
  • Hammond B3 Clone
  • Roland TR 909 Clone (Created by J.Knocker)
19th July 2001

Tobybear has updated the early Alpha version of Electric Cowboy 3000 to v0.1 featuring bug fixes, including allowing more than one instance [Win VSTi]

They've also released Deconstructor Pro as a VSTi, previously only available as a VST FX. The VSTi version allows you to load a WAV file and manipulate it using Deconstructor's powerful manipulation/mangling functions. Available for Windows only, you can download a demo and purchase the full version for $35 when you've been suitably impressed! [Win VSTi]

17th July 2001

Psycle, the freeware tracker, has been updated to v1.6b1, you can read the release notes HERE [Win VSTi Host]

DirectiXer VST to DX adapter was updated to v1.1 last week, read the release notes HERE [Win DX-VST Adapter]
16th July 2001

Tobybear has released a new version of Electric Cowboy 3000 for alpha testing, including a new GUI [Win VSTi]

Smart Electron:x/ArGuru Aodix Tracker development is moving along and is now at v1.83 [Win VSTi Host]
15th July 2001

neXoft have updated LoopAZoid to v1.22 for both Windows and MacOS, fixes a bug with the mute groups on Macintosh and a bug with FruityLoops on the PC

14th July 2001

reFX have released the MacOS version of QuadraSID 6581 at a special introductory offer of $30 for the first 2 weeks. Check out our QuadraSID's specs and download the demo HERE!

Steinberg have released a new Public Beta of Cubase for Windows - v5.0r6PB3

13th July 2001

FXpansion's DR-008 has now reached Public Beta 6 with the usual array of new features and bug fixes [Win VSTi]

  • Improved looks and usability
  • Velo Sampler can now be set to trigger polyphonically (8 notes poly, or 32 with DDLayer)
  • Flicker-free redrawing
  • Automation, including Automation Mapper for Logic
  • Each pad can be individually set to play in One-Shot or Gated mode
  • Many small bugfixes.
12th July 2001
Issue 36 of Computer Music is out today featuring the free VSTi CM-101 on its CD Coverdisc - go get it ;)

TraXmusic have interviewed Wolfgang Schneider from neXoft, creators of LoopAZoid and Native Instruments' Battery. Read more...

Tobybear has released a very early Alpha version of his first VST Instrument - Electric Cowboy 3000. "This plugin implements a physical modelling algorithm for plucked strings that emulates, to a more or less successful extent, the sound of classic nylon guitars, but is further able by parameter tweaking to sound really spacey and create some "new" plucked string sounds."
Delivery of Emagic's EVP88 and EVP73 piano instruments has now officially commenced. Read more...
11th July 2001

The SampleTank competition is now over and the winners have been selected. The standard of entries was very high and IK Multimedia were so impressed with what could be achieved with only the demo that they have awarded 2 first prizes of SampleTank XL along with 4 runners up prizes of SampleTank DJ or L. Check out IK's winners page here...

XL Winners!

Matthew Tyas - France - Brake Out.mp3 (2.2 MB)
Nick Bleich - USA - Cold Room.mp3 (2.0 MB)

L/DJ Winners!

Tim Mullin - UK - IK Mix.mp3 (2.5 MB)
Christopher Leary - UK - Ochre.mp3 (2.6 MB)
Germain Grangeot - France - Sample Palace.mp3 (2.3 MB)
Simon Wood - Canada - Life in the SampleTank.mp3 (2.8 MB)

9th July 2001

LinPlug have updated CronoX to v1.2 [Win VSTi]

  • Preset and Sample paths remembered
  • Compatible with Fruity Loops
  • Several minor enhancements and optimizations

LinPlug are also offering a deal on RM 2, their Drum Sample Player. You can get the RM 2 together with the Zip-O-Drumz Collection of more than 1000 drum, percussion and bass samples for just 49 US$ (as download, 65 Mb) or 59 US$ (CD version, including handling and shipping world-wide). This offer is available from 10th July until 31st July. More Info...

8th July 2001
Ruction Sample Sequencer beta has been updated to v0.8 adding Auto loop tuning to BPM, filters and per step settings, and parallel pattern play [Win VSTi]

IK Multimedia have released a free taster version of SampleTank for both MacOS and Windows. SampleTank FreePiano is a 7 MB instrument (14 MB of samples compressed using SampleTank proprietary technology) sampled from a Steinway Grand Concert piano. The instrument is fully working with full notes range, full polyphony (up to 128 notes), and full effects (4 selectable among 20 high-quality DSP effects).

NOTE: SampleTank FreePiano can't be used simultaneously with SampleTank Demo.

On the same subject there are only 2 days left to enter our SampleTank competition, entries so far have been extremely impressive, can you do better?

5th July 2001

Jørgen Aase AudioSynth v0.07 (Sample Player) has been released, it's no longer free though, it's now $20 shareware [Win VSTi]

  • Import programs from sound banks on file
  • Alphabetical directory lists
  • Fixed bug occurring when using AudioSynth in Emagic's Logic sequencer
  • Skin support
  • AudioSynth is now shareware - $20 for save license + 12 months of upgrades
Maz has compiled an interesting hardware MIDI controllers comparison at the VSampler site, including 13 popular controller boxes (faders / rotary knobs) ranging from $125 to $650. Check it out here...
4th July 2001

Sonic Syndicate have updated Orion Pro to v2.5 featuring the usual raft of new features and improvements, and Scorpion to v1.4 enabling automation under Cubase. More Info...

3rd July 2001

BombThatBeat has been updated to v1.5 [Win VSTi]

  • Fully working groove control (shuffle, swing, laid-back, humanize...) adjustable from 1% to 100%.
  • Create your own groove patterns nearly automatically
  • Mark settings will be saved to the Wavefile directory and loaded each time you use this Wavefile
  • Lock to host tempo - BombThatBeat even follows fast tempo changes
  • Now shows incoming notes
  • Remembers your sample directory
  • English Help files improved
  • New installer
Native Instruments have released a patch for Battery that resolves DXi issues. Download it here...
2nd July 2001

rgcAudio have updated their excellent freeware Triangle I to v1.1 [Win VSTi]

  • Bank size expanded from 32 to 128 programs
  • 64 Factory presets
  • Preset selection by right clicking main screen
  • Stepped knobs for Waveform, Transpose and Pitch Bend Range
  • New MIDI controllers
  • OSC1-2 now resync after key off
  • Random patch generator
  • Sound Preview, with full note range (0-127)
  • Volume is 30% hotter
  • Bug fixed: Instance remains loaded in FXpansion VST-DX Adapter, might crash some Cubase betas

ArGuru has updated Aodix to v1.72 [Win VSTi Host]