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News Archive for August 2003

31st August 2003alphakanal BuzZer updated to v0.1.3

30th August 2003rgc:audio z3ta+ updated to v1.2

30th August 2003DashSignature ComboSister for OS X released

28th August 2003brainspawn forte v1.2 released

28th August 2003XS Delta SP updated to v1.48

28th August 2003LinPlug RMIV updated to v4.03 and OS X version released

28th August 2003Steinberg Cubase SX 2.0 announced

25th August 2003Winners of the NI giveaway

23rd August 2003DashSignature EMM Knagalis released

23rd August 2003PatchArena launched with a massive Sound Design Competition

22nd August 2003ConcreteFX Ethereal updated to v2.5

21st August 20034Front E-Piano released

21st August 2003DashSignature TubiLeSax updated to v1.32 (and other Dash VSTis updated)

19th August 2003Emagic Logic Platinum v6.2 released (OS X)

18th August 2003Devine Machine updated to v1.3

15th August 2003DSP-Quattro v1.2 released

15th August 2003Native Instruments Vokator v1.0.2 (OS X AU) released

15th August 2003discoDSP Vertigo released

15th August 2003DashSignature TubiLeSax updated to v1.2

14th August 2003energyXT updated to v1.21

14th August 2003Brainspawn Forte v1.2 public beta released

13th August 2003Native Instruments Reaktor updated to v4.03

13th August 2003Renoise updated to v1.27

11th August 2003Novation Bass Station released

11th August 2003DashSignature theAbstractGuitar v1.12 and ComboSister v1.32 released

11th August 2003Novation V-Station updated to v1.2 (and demo released)

11th August 2003Steinberg HALion updated to v2.01

11th August 2003DashSignature TubiLeSax Lite released

9th August 2003Submit Effects and missing Instruments

9th August 2003ConcreteFX Ethereal updated to v2.3

9th August 2003IK Multimedia Summer Sound promotion

8th August 2003Edirol HyperCanvas & SuperQuartet (english) updates available

6th August 2003Plugsound FREE released

5th August 2003Competition: Win a free year's subscription to Music Tech Magazine!

5th August 2003LinPlug RMIV updated to v4.02 and demo version released

5th August 2003Bitshift pHATmatik PRO v1.1 demo versions available

5th August 2003VirSyn Tera updated to v1.3

5th August 2003DashSignature daHornet updated to v1.16

4th August 2003Big Tick Rhino updated to v1.08

4th August 2003Waldorf Attack updated to v1.2.1

1st August 2003Steinberg Announces Studio Case

1st August 2003EvoBeats Sequential Vibes v1.0 released

1st August 2003Emagic Logic Platinum (OS 9) updated to v6.1.1

1st August 2003ConcreteFX Industry updated to v2.2