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1BITDRAGON Music Creation Software released for Windows, MacOS and Linux


Nicolas Morin has announced the release of 1BITDRAGON, a small software application that allows you to quickly create your own songs in minutes.

1BITDRAGON is designed to be simple, instant and fun. It is possible to create a basic melody in a few steps, and to compose a song in a few minutes. You can record finished tracks and export them as WAV. Nicolas says this software is great for electronic music, indie gaming music, chiptunes, and such stuff.

1BITDRAGON packs 175 "handmade" instruments and 150 drum sounds. It includes 396 ready-to-use patterns, 24 arpeggiator presets and 24 scales.

Nicolas says:

The Euclidean rhythm generator is really fun, as is the integrated "live mode". This software is nice and easy to use. The settings are few and simple. 1BITDRAGON can be used, for example, to teach children and beginners how a DAW works.

The software runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS, and is available as a "pay what you want" download with a minimum of $20 USD ex. VAT.




Discussion: Active
23 January 2021 at 8:27am

Very happy to announce 1BITDRAGON 2.0.
Now supports MIDI export!

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