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7 Essential Mixing Tutorials For Under $60 from pureMix.net


Great mixes require you to combine many basic audio skills in order to create complex sonic masterpieces - the pureMix Essentials will help you do that.

The pureMix Essentials covers 7 of the most crucial mixing skills needed to start creating great mixes.

Learn how to:

  • Listen and focus your ears on what matters.
  • Tastefully EQ vocals so you can compress them less.
  • Compress transparently to preserve the singer's tone.
  • Use reverb and delay to create a sense of space in a mix.
  • Set proper levels and understand RMS, peak and VU levels.
  • Use parallel compression to add punch and maintain the transients of your drums.

You can purchase all 7 of these tutorials for less than $60 - that's 50% off until June 11th.



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