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A few changes @ K-v-R

KVR Audio

News Sections

As you can see, there are a few changes on the K-v-R front page; we now have separate news sections for Instruments, Effects, Hosts, Sounds (Banks & Patches), SynthEdit and Offers.

There is also the default Main section.

The Main section will contain the main news headlines, as before, but you can, if you wish, just choose a subset of headlines by choosing one of the other more focused areas (Instruments, effects, etc.)

Not all news items that appear in the sub sections will necessarily also appear in the Main news section, minor "point" updates for example may be confined to the relevant sub section, as may special offers such as cross-grades and bundle deals.

You'll notice there is a SynthEdit section, this will eventually contain news of SynthEdit creations and updates.

The majority of news items will probably still appear in the Main section, but the object of this reorganization is an attempt to keep new release and major update news visible on the front page for longer periods of time - not everyone visits K-v-R every day!

Watching News & Developers

You can now "Watch" any of the news sections on K-v-R, and be notified by e-mail whenever a news item is posted in that section, so you can now effectively be notified every time a news item is posted on K-v-R by just watching these sections if you so wish.

I've also added a "Watch all by developer" option so you can be notified by e-mail whenever a news item is posted relevant to a particular developer (rather than just a specific product by that developer as was the only previous option).

To add a developer to you watched list just visit any of the developer's product's pages here at K-v-R and choose the "Add Developer..." option on that page.

You can of course manage your "watches" from your members area



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