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Five12 Numerology v1.4 released


Five12 have updated Numerology to v1.4.

New in v1.4:
  • Multi-Channel Audio I/O.
  • Updated Mixing - 4 stereo aux sends, stereo panning and stereo metering.
  • Custom Clock Divisions - any division of a beat from 1/1 to 32/32.
  • Triple X-Y Module - this module incorporates constant-time glide for building smooth parameter changes, long-form transitions, or, with the help of an LFO or two, complex generative sequences.
  • Improved Parameter Modulation - revised layout and a new AutoScale feature.
  • Group Import - allows you to create new sessions by piecing together parts from your own library of Numerology projects.
  • AU Hosting Improvements - sample-accurate note scheduling for Audio Units, and improved host sync callbacks for Audio Units that sync to Numerology's transport (such as iDrum). These fixes also much improve operation with plugins from Native Instruments. In addition, there are also some tweaks to resolve user interface problems with some plugins. For details visit the updated Audio Unit Compatibility List.
  • Higher-resolution sequencing - You can now adjust the speed at which Numerology's internal engine executes. This engine is what drives all Numerology's sequencers and signal processing modules. In Numerology 1.4, when AU hosting is enabled, this engine will lock to the Core Audio rendering thread for improved timing and CPU efficiency. You can set the rate with which Numerology executes it's non-audio modules relative to the audio sample rate, anywhere from about 1ms, up to full audio rate.
  • Interpolated Control Sequencer - Turn any Control Sequencer into a basic envelope generator by using the new linear interpolated output mode. With this feature on, the output of the sequencer becomes a programmable multi-stage linear envelope.
  • Lots O Fixes - For details, you are encouraged to browse the extensive Release Notes in the README file included with all Numerology downloads.


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