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Acousmodules updates all plugins - 64-bit, Windows VST3 & macOS AU


After four years of work, the Acousmodules series of plugins is now available in 64-bit versions in VST3 formats for Windows and AudioUnit for MacOS.

Acousmodules is a modular set dedicated to multichannel spatial sound creation. It includes advanced spatialization tools that can process up to 64 channels, but also effects and instruments based on sampling and multiphonic synthesis. They can be used with every spatial configurations, including standard formats like Auro-3D, 22.2 and domes.

They have been made with SynthEdit software since 2003. They are all distributed as freeware.

At a glance:

  • About 192 different plugins representing Spatialization, Effects, Sampling, Synthesis, Utilities and MIDI categories.
  • Channels: most up to 64, some up to 128, but they easily support using much less.
  • Spatial formats really free: peripheral, spherical, meshed arrays, distributed, it is like you want...
  • Compatible with all "immersive" and 3D formats.
  • Easy conversion to higher order ambisonics (HOA) and binaural with free 3rd party plugins.
  • Plugin formats: 64-bit VST3 for Windows and 64-bit AU for MacOS (+ 32-bits VST2 for Windows).
  • Simple integration into hosts with multichannel possibilities and free routing (Reaper, Ardour, Pyramix, Bidule, Usine Hollyhock, ...).
  • Spatialization of sources with up to 64 channels, according to various grouping modes.
  • Internal automations and gesture based (simple and complex animations, physical models, trajectories ...).
  • Multi-channel effects up to 64 channels (filters, delays, reverbs, granular, spectral, pitch ...) associated with integrated spatial processing.
  • 64-channel sampling and synthesis based instruments and effects.
  • Utilities (64 channels and more) for calibration, monitoring, bass management, spatial format conversions ...
  • Save and exchange of spatial configurations files between plugins of differ.

All information and downloads are available at acousmodules.free.fr



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