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Aero Studio v1.0.1.1 released


ioNeo have updated Aero Studio to v1.0.1.1.

New features:
  • New dialog for managing plugin directories:
    • Select a technology and add/delete directory entries.
    • Machine factory reloaded automatically (No need to restart Aero Studio).
  • Machineview: you can now hit [DELETE] on your keyboard to delete the selected machine.
  • Pattern editor: multi-selection with keyboard ([SHIFT] + arrow keys).
  • Pattern editor: set/delete event will now increase the cursor position.
  • Pattern editor: press [TAB] to jump to next track. [SHIFT] + [TAB] = previous.
  • Machines: tracker: new commands: Sample offset (0x00) and Beat fit (0x01).


  • Machines: Fusion/Gravity synth bug (Osc enable after note on resulted in crash).
  • Right click + GE in sequencer didn't work.
  • Slow scrollbar in list boxes bug.
  • Wavetable: tab control weirdness fixed.
  • Pattern editor: default octave changed to 4.
  • Machine browser: Cancel resulted in crash in some cases.


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