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ioNeo Aero Studio v1.0.7.9 released


ioNeo have updated Aero Studio to v1.0.7.9.

New features:
  • GUI: optimizations - Piano roll, pattern editor and sequencer should be much faster now.
  • Piano roll: basic zoom - Buttons next to scrollbars or [CTRL] + +/-.
  • Piano roll: [ALT] + number key n to set note length to n times snap to.
  • Piano roll: preview on mouse over note.
  • Piano roll: cursor now reflects current note length.
  • Pattern editor: displays "off" instead of velocity 0.
  • Pattern editor: you can now press 1 to cut the length of the previous note.
  • Pattern editor: press [SPACE] to trigger entire row (row preview).
  • Pattern editor: beat markings.
  • Virtual keyboard: extended up to 'P'.
  • Param dialog: select values from listbox (arrow next to the value). Works only for integer parameters with small range.
  • Machines: Tracker - wave number automatically inserted for notes (uses the value from param dialog). This is actually a preview of a new "chained parameter editing" functionality (next version).


  • Piano roll: you had to manually set the note param in some cases.
  • Piano roll: notes got stuck in some cases.
  • Velocity bug for VSTs.
  • Fusion/Gravity synth: note + parameter change caused problems sometimes.
  • Pattern editor: fixed keys mixup problem.
  • Many GUI fixes.


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