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Aida Sound releases "Symphony" MIDI Controller Application for Windows

Aida Sound

Aida Sound has released the Symphony MIDI controller application; it can be used to control just about anything that accepts MIDI input, including your DAW, standalone virtual instruments, plugins, hardware and any MIDI-enabled app.

Symphony allows the user to create graphical user interfaces (GUIs) through a WYSIWYG editor.

Symphony GUIs are multi-touch capable and you can interact with them with your mouse or touchscreen. You can open as many GUIs as you want on one or more touch or not-touch screens.

You can choose from a set of highly customizable graphical widgets to build your GUIs, including linear sliders, rotary knobs, buttons, labels, panels, multi-page panels, bidimensional pad, and many more.

The Symphony engine is based on Value-passing between its internal Objects through Links which can alter them, change their type and allow or block their transit. It has an integrated Python-Language interpreter for the most complex MIDI processing.

Intro Price: 60 € at the Aida Sound Web Store (Reg. 80 €).

A Trial Demo is available.



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