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Airwindows releases Density Saturation Plug-in


Airwindows has released a new build of Density, a free saturation plug-in for 32- and 64-bit Mac OS X and Windows in AU and VST plug-in formats.

Here's what Chris from Airwindows says:

This one started a lot. The algorithm used here has echoed through many other Airwindows plugins. It's literally the smoothest saturation you can have in a plugin: the transfer function's a sine. This is what's in Channel, too: there are many ways to adapt such a simple mathematical function.

Density runs multiple stages, allowing it to bulk up the tone into an overblown, insanely fat and saturated distort-fest. And then you can highpass just the distorted stuff alone, and trim its output gain, and mix it with the unfiltered dry to produce lots of tonal possibilities. And then there's the spatial positioning factor: saturating stuff this way brings it forward in the mix. You can also isolate midrangey elements and bring them forward using that trick.

And then there's the negative values: if you UNsaturate, you get a thinned out lean tone and it drops back instead of pushing forward. And you can blend that too.

Density is there to reshape tones in myriad ways, mostly having to do with fatness or thinness, also having to do with upfrontness or recedingness. It can also give articulation to sounds that are murky, or simply produce the hugest fattest roaring wall of grunge you ever heard.

Price: Free - donations welcomed via Patreon.




Discussion: Active
23 October 2016 at 12:02pm

Hi, .

thank you very much for your awesome plugins .

Have you ever considered of creating a VST (osx) of your Multiband Distortion Plugin ?

Or even better creating a clone of the awesome QuadraFuzz ?

23 October 2016 at 11:32pm

In order, Yep! and Nope.

Yes there will be Multiband Distortion, all of my plugins will end up as Mac and PC VST (and PPC Mac, too: all this stuff is compiled to run on PPC Macs also).

No, I won't be making clones of anything. I've been leaning away from that world for years, and I make stuff that's inspired by behaviors or sounds rather than specific devices that aren't mine to make :)

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