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Akki Plugs releases Virtual Bouzouki

Akki Plugs

Akki Plugs has announced the release of Virtual Bouzouki, a new Greek bouzouki sample library virtual instrument that, with its realistic sound and its many functions, aims to "spread the Greek spirit around the world". Virtual Bouzouki is a Kontakt Player 2 instrument based on advanced script programming and offers different playing styles and techniques.

Virtual BouzoukiOne of the features which gives you a realistic playing experience is the fact that you can control which way the notes pass and which string is being used by using the modulation wheel.

The Virtual Bouzouki sample library loads all kinds of tremolos which you can change the speed of in real-time with the modulation wheel. The user can also trigger keyswitches to play either Polyphonic or Monophonic. Polyphonic is used when the player doesn't want any hammer on or pull offs. Monophonic uses hammer on and pull off up to a range of a major 3rd.

Another realistic feature is the way Virtual Bouzouki handles the plectrum stroke. A bouzouki-player chooses to play every other down and up. The Virtual Bouzouki is programmed to play only down when the user plays slow notes, but in fast playing it plays every other down and up. That way it avoids the 'machine-gun' sounding effect. Of course you can trigger 'plectrum down' if you want that feeling.

The Virtual Bouzouki includes different effects under the main menu called 'perform'. Here you can choose the hand position of the plectrum and the thickness of the plectrum. There is also eq, reverb, delay, compressor and a help menu for fast explanation of the keyswitch-positions.


  • 2.2 GB 24-bit samples.
  • Advanced script programming.
  • Choose between Natural or Tuned tuning.
  • 12 keyswitches.
  • 5 velocity layers of plectrum playing downwards and 5 velocity layers of plectrum playing upwards.
  • All four strings sampled and each string got recorded notes throughout the full length of the string.
  • Release samples.
  • Control the hand position on the fret with the modulation wheel. The position is presented on the layout.
  • Polyphonic playing allows you to play multiple notes at the same time.
  • Monophonic playing allows you to play hammer on and pull off up to a range of a major third.
  • Automatically down and up plectrum stroke that depends of how fast you play.
  • Ability to down-stroke only.
  • Chords that activates when you play a minor or major triad with automatic alternation between down and up.
  • Flageolets.
  • Moderate notes.
  • Single tremolo that changes speed with the modulation wheel.
  • Third and sixth minor and major tremolo that changes speed with the modulation wheel.
  • Glissando from and to note upwards the fret.
  • Glissando from and to note downwards the fret.
  • Fx.
  • Phrases played on the bouzouki.
  • Hand position near bridge/hole.
  • Plectrum hardness/softness.
  • Reverb, Delay, Compressor.
  • Fully controllable with MIDI controllers.

Pricing & Availability

Priced at €229, Virtual Bouzouki is available for Windows and Mac OS X in stand-alone, VST, DX, AU and RTAS plug-in formats via the included Kontakt Player 2.



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