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Anarchy Software, the people behind Anarchy Effects, are working on a Windows VSTi called SwarmSynth, we have some preliminary information below to whet your appetite! SwarmSynth should be ready for release on 31st January 2003 and will cost £59.99 UK, a fully functional 28 day evaluation version will be provided for download.
  • Makes sound by mixing output from a user-sizeable bank of oscillators.
  • Oscillators are controlled by five parameters - volume, pitch, pan, resonance and noise.
  • Values of each oscillator's parameters continually change, equating to movement through five-dimensional hyperspace.
  • Movement through hyperspace is constrained to a bounding box specified by a home position and permissive range for each parameter.
  • Graphical envelopes modify the bounding box through the duration of each note.
  • Within the bounding box, each oscillator follows a rule-based flocking algorithm - a 5D equivalent of AI simulations of 2D and 3D animal flocking behaviour.
  • 3D visualisation of the oscillator's movement through hyperspace, using hue & luminance to represent the other 2 dimensions.
  • Mouse-clicking the hyperspace visualisation affects the sound by causing oscillators to veer towards or away from the mouse.
  • Hotkey powered sticky-mouse for moving the cursor in 5 dimensions.
  • Controllable reseeding to make the algorithm deterministic or non-deterministic.
  • 100 automatable parameters, controllable through VST automation or fully remappable MIDI control messages.
  • Collection of preset sounds.
  • Anarchy button to randomise current settings.
  • Context-sensitive help system.


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