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Audient expands EVO with 8-Channel Smart Mic Preamp: SP8


EVO by Audient has announced the EVO SP8, an eight-channel Smart Preamp with AD/DA. Billed as the perfect expander for your audio interface, SP8 is the newest addition to the EVO range.

Bigger sessions demand more channels and expanding your existing audio interface via ADAT might be the most cost-effective solution to scale up your studio. SP8 does exactly that, giving you eight studio quality analogue preamps, a modern and intuitive user experience with exceptional audio performance across the board.

Andy Allen, Audient/EVO marketing director.

With SP8's eight mic/line inputs, eight line outputs and 2 x ADAT I/O connections, this 8 channel smart mic preamp provides enough I/O to tackle multi-mic sessions like recording drums or even a full band.

As with all EVO products, SP8 benefits from the addition of Smartgain, an innovative and time-saving feature which gives the option to automatically set the gain with the touch of a button. As with EVO 16, EVO SP8 can automatically set the gain for all 8 channels at once, highlighting the added advantage for musicians who have multiple mic inputs (drummers) or line inputs (synth players).

If you're expanding your current non-EVO audio interface, you get up to eight channels of simultaneous Smartgain with SP8, which not only takes the guesswork out of setting your levels, but also saves you time. If you are pairing two SP8s with your EVO 16 then you have Smartgain on all 24 channels. Soundcheck an entire band in less than 20 seconds. Imagine how that could transform a session and allow producers to stay focused on what's important - making music.

Andy Allen

There's also a high-resolution, full-colour LCD screen built into the unit. Navigate SP8's hardware features easily, courtesy of the Motion User Interface. The wide angle screen intelligently displays information as you need it, transforming EVO SP8 into a fully immersive, easy to use Smart Preamp. With the option to view the channel status and keep an eye on metering levels, Motion UI uses a centralised one-knob system to adjust all EVO SP8's hardware parameters.

We're calling it the mic preamp of the future. Our powerful EVO Mic Preamp technology combines all the sonic advantages of a studio-grade analogue mic preamp with digitally controlled tactile precision, so you can set your gain with pin-point accuracy - right down to the decibel.

Andy Allen

EVO Mic Preamps provide 58dB Mic Gain, while its advanced 32-bit converter technology offers 121dB dynamic range.

Just like EVO 16, the meticulously designed solid steel chassis with non-slip rubber feet means EVO SP8 fits comfortably either on a desktop, in a portable rig or as a permanent fixture in the studio. Optional rack-ears make it that bit more flexible.

EVO SP8 is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2023 and will retail at £399 inc. VAT, €449 inc. local VAT and $499 MAP.



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