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Audio Genetics Lab releases Tongue Drum for Kontakt

Audio Genetics Lab

Audio Genetics Lab has announced the release of Tongue Drum, a a mini-library for Kontakt 3.5 featuring a deeply sampled Tongue Drum and several mutations of the original sounds. The natural Tongue Drum was programmed with 5x round robin and 4 velocity layers as 24-bit/48k audio files.

This free intro library has 5 patches:

  • Tongue Drum: This is the original, raw, library. 5x round robin, 4x velocity layers. The original 9 tones of the drum are stretched to cover the entire keyboard range. Try the bass range for a great woody low-end punch.
  • Air Tongues: This is a processed and smeared variation useful for ambient pads and textures. The Lab felt that even pads deserve round robin, making this texture instrument feel more natural than purely synthesized pads. Mod wheel controls cutoff of a lowpass filter.
  • Long-Bowed: Extending the resonance of the original recordings, this patch simulates what bowing a tongue drum might sound like. The ADSR is controllable from the from panel.
  • Long-Mallet: Another lengthened sample, giving an alternate version of the drum which has more resonance and less "thunk".
  • VibraTongue: Similar to the Long-Mallet, though with a mod-wheel controlled vibrato mechanism.

Listen to audio demos on the product page.

This mini-library is completely free and unrestricted in its use. It requires the full retail version of Kontakt 3.5.



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