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Audiofile Engineering updates Wave Editor to v1.4.6

Aurchitect Audio Software

Audiofile Engineering has updated Wave Editor to v1.4.6.


  • Added FiRe Browser (only works with FiRe 1.3+).
  • Fully Snow Leopard compatible.
  • Improvements to importing AC3 files.
  • Made the window title of split file formats now show the extension as *.
  • Recognized unusually-formatted 'cue ' chunks in WAV files.
  • Added a "Configure..." button to Preferences > Output > Audio Output.
  • .wedt files and document templates will remember the width of.
  • Fixed an issue wherein MP3s would not import when dragged onto the application icon.
  • Fixed an issue with new Layers causing playback issues.
  • Fixed an issue changing the Genre Code in Properties.
  • Fixed an issue using ISRC codes with lowercase letters.
  • Fixed an issue with unnamed tracks loaded from a cue sheet.
  • Fixed a bug moving a SmartEdit from a non-left channel.
  • Fixed an app error that would happen reading a malformed DDP file.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in writing Broadcast WAVE and iXML time references.
  • Fixed an issue editing the sync time in a region.
  • Fixed an error duplicating an empty layer.
  • Fixed an error importing or loading multiple split scheme files.
  • Fixed an issue with files that would open without a waveform.
  • Fixed an issue with the Speed process working on entire files.
  • Fixed an issue attempting to save an audio selection with master layer effects when a single layer is selected.
  • Fixed an error in an alert when attempting to save a flat file with features of un-flattened files.
  • Fixed cmd-opt-shift double-click on the non-selected waveform.
  • Fixed subtle UI bugs in Snow Leopard.
  • Fixed a rare crash when saving with effects on the Master Layer.
  • Fixed some issues with time display.
  • Removed import support for AC3 files due to licensing issues.
  • Fixed an issue opening SDII damaged in a specific way.
  • Audio File First Aid: able to repair SDII files damaged in a specific way.
  • Fixed some issues with MS Encode & Decode.
  • Fixed an issue dragging links onto a new document containing only links.
  • Fixed a bug flattening multichannel layers with effects.
  • Fixed a few bugs with the Analyzer.
  • Fixed an occasional app error changing crossfades during playback.
  • Fixed a bug selecting the color of a layer while the Color Panel is open.
  • Fixed a visual bug with the playback head on stopped playback.
  • Improved drawing of SmartEdits when zoomed in extremely close.
  • Fixed a bug updating the length in the Info Bar when the length of the audio changes.
  • Moving SmartEdit handles when "Allow Separate Channel Selection" will move all channel-matching SmartEdits.
  • Improved Location Tip positioning.


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