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Audiovapor releases Engine and Parameter Sample Packs [WAV|REX|MIDI]


Audiovapor has announced the release of two new sample packs: Engine and Parameter:

  • Engine is a collection of analog-style electro funk bass and lead loops. The Engine sample pack contains 74 120 BPM loops in 24-bit 44.1kHz stereo wave, REX2 and MIDI formats. It's a 115 MB download (121 MB of disk space required).
  • Parameter is a collection of 42 electronic bass and lead sequences. There are 2 or 3 versions of each sequence loop with alternate filter/amp envelope settings. The Parameter sample pack contains a total of 98 120 BPM loops in these 24-bit 44.1kHz stereo wave and REX2 formats. It's a 274 MB download (301 MB of disk space required).

Both packs are available to purchase on a sliding scale from $2 to $20 (pay what you can afford).

Audiovapor says: "Our sound is gritty and funky with a dash of electronic soul. All of our loops are recorded at 24-bit, 44.1kHz with minimal processing. The key and scale of each loop is indicated in the file name when applicable. We do not add reverb, delay, phasers, flangers, excessive distortion, glitching, resonant filter sweeps, etc. to our loops. While pre-effected loops sound good we believe that they are ultimately less useful for producers than if they were presented unprocessed and "dry." Adding your own effects and putting your own personal stamp on the loops is half the fun. We leave that up to you."



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