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audiowiesel releases "Sub" for Kontakt - Add Sub Frequencies to Bass, Drums, Percussion, FX and Strings

audiowiesel has released Sub for Kontakt 5.

Here's what they say:

It is very common to enhance the low end of certain instruments in the mixing process. This is not only true for kick drums or low percussions but also for harmonic instruments like basses (acoustic or electric) or even sound effects. A simple sine wave underneath those instruments can make a huge difference.

Normally, you would use a generic sine wave generator but probably you will run into one or more of the following problems:

  • You cannot play a part since you have to automate the pitch by hand.
  • The only way to shape the sound of the sine wave (AHDSR) is by using additional plugins or effects.
  • If you want to know the frequency value of a specific pitch, you have to look it up in a chart.
  • A generic sine wave generator is monophonic, you cannot add an additional octave to the sub tone.
  • It is quite complicated to cover different articulations of an instrument like legato, spiccato, etc.

This is what Sub can do for you:

  • Perfect for adding sub frequencies to your audio productions. Let it be a kick drum, sound effects, a bass part, or even low strings. With the right amount of low frequencies, your tracks sound more professional.
  • 5 different .nki files for dedicated instruments or applications: Basses, Drums, Percussions, Sound FX and Orchestral Strings.
  • Create drops, risers or falls over 2 full octaves using the Pitchbend.
  • 4 individual channels: Sub, Bass, 5th, Octave. Next to sub frequencies, you may add additional frequencies. 'Bass' is one octave above 'Sub', '5th' is a perfect 5th above 'Bass' and 'Octave' is perfect octave above 'Bass'.
  • Every channel offers separate control over volume and AHDSR. This enables you to add low end and even more focus to you tracks.
  • Pitch detection: Every channel has its own pitch detection. This frequency value is displayed when a channel is active.
  • Preset menu: every .nki file offers 8 predefined presets and 4 custom user slots via keyswitch.

Tech Specs:

  • 5 .nki files for dedicated instruments.
  • 4 channels with volume and AHDSR control.
  • Pitch detection.
  • Integrated preset menu.
  • Ultra-low CPU and RAM usage.
  • 6 MB uncompressed .wav format.
  • Sample resolution: 44,1kHz / 24-bit / stereo.

Price: 8$ here.

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